Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Time is Here!

Now that we've celebrated Thanksgiving, I'm getting pretty excited about Christmas.  And while putting together the swap packages that I FINALLY got in the mail today, I decided to make some stitch markers.  I'm not going to share pictures of the stitch marker sets I sent to my swap partners.  But I WILL share pictures of the 2 sets I just listed in my Etsy shop! :) 

I told you last week that I was planning to get some listed, and I just finished posting them.  I'm really in love with how they turned out.  Beaded markers can be really great, but there's something so fun about hand sculpted shapes - you can literally make them anything you want them to be. 

So what did I create?  

Candy canes, 
a snowman, complete with stocking cap & scarf,
and a Christmas tree adorned with lights. 
The snowman might just be my favorite, but I'm really having a hard time choosing.  The penguins are really  adorable.  And the candy canes are nice and shiny, especially once the glaze was brushed on and dried. :) 

Go check them out!  I'd love to make custom orders, too.  I think these would make for a fun and unique gift for that knitter in your life! :) 


  1. Your talent is endless!!!! I just love them!!! :) :) :)

  2. Thanks Suzanne! I'm pretty excited about these little things. And I can't wait for my swap partners to get theirs soon! :)

  3. I agree with kniitingknirvana - your talent is endless ! These are perfection !

  4. Rae Lynne you're amazing!! These are so cute!!