Monday, November 1, 2010

An Apple A Day...

Or in my case, a project a day?

I've had a major case of Startitis lately (yes, that's a technical term).  I've got all these great projects to work on, or that I want to start/finish, but I can't ever decide what to actually pick up and knit.  This leads to some ho-humming on my part until I can decide.  I rearrange all my project bags with their corresponding patterns (whether they be in books, magazines or downloaded & printed PDF files).  I reorganize my yarn, or just browse (almost like shopping) my stash to see what I have that could be turned into something pretty or fun.  I tick off a list in my head of all that I'm currently working on that should be finished, and then almost as quickly cross any items off that list I don't really feel like knitting.  The funny part is, I like all the projects I have started, and I'm sure they're starting to feel neglected (yes, my knitting has feelings, doesn't yours?) but I can't bring myself to work on them.

Instead, I really like to start new projects.  It's only been the last 3-4 days or so I've felt this way.  And I'm starting to get the feeling I'm on a very selfish bent right now.  I knit myself a pair of fingerless mitts (more on those another day) in 2 days, and then started up another project last night which are also almost finished (this one was for X, and he was in bed so I couldn't finish until he could try them on).  And although the 2nd project is for X, I feel like it's for me.  And at the same time I printed the pattern for X, I printed a cowl pattern for myself and had a hard time deciding what to start last night.

I guess I just needed some instant gratification, that I get to keep. The funny part is, there's a lot I want to knit right now, for me and for others, and I love knitting for others, but my brain has switched to me, me, me.  Go figure. On the same token, though, it really gets the creative juices flowin' when you want a quick project but can't come up with one right away.  I start thinking about all the stuff I could make up myself and would give me something to keep my hands busy.

And I have a plan right now that involves me using up a little more of my stash before diving in to buy more, because in all honesty, I have projects in mind that would easily work with yarn I already have.

I do have some Christmas presents in the works - at least an idea of what they will be.  They'll be started as soon as I get a little "me knitting" out of my system! :)

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  1. I realize that I get startitis when I know I should be finishing something else. It doesn't have to be knitting it can be any sort of pressure to finish something that I don't feel like doing. I've also been knitting a lot for me. It's so great when I can show off some of my own work.