Sunday, April 11, 2010

Picture by Tristabelle
Picture by Tristabelle
After seeing colors like these, I really want to get my hands on some Easter Egg Dye.  I'm probably too late at this point.  But I'll check around.  Otherwise, I think I have a handle on some of the normal modes of dying yarn. 

Tristabelle, from Raverly, has a great post on her blog about how to dye wool using Easter Egg Dye tablets.  There seems to be a lot of potential in these.  Although since I haven't tried this yet, I'm going to reserve my excitement until I have a chance to do some myself.  Tristabelle was gracious enough to let me use her photographs, the colors she obtained are so vibrant and beautiful.  I bet whatever she knits with these will look really neat. :)


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