Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do...

I finished up the Upside-Down Daisy hat.  I like the pattern, but next time I'll choose different yarn.  This hat is mostly acrylic, and although I don't mind some acrylic or acrylic blends, this one just felt weird while knitting.  (It amazes me how different a yarn can feel when knitting as opposed to just in the hank/skein/ball.)
The petals frustrated me a bit, I couldn't figure out which way to place them.  The book directs you to place the cast-on edge at the base fo the stem on the top of the hat.  That's all good, but I felt as though my cast-on edge was more nicely rounded, like a petal would be.  So I flipped it around, with my bound off edge near the stem base and the tiny bit of a point I had was folded under and sewn down.  The resulting flower looks good.  I think it looks like it should.
My stem didn't curl as much as I was hoping it would.  I prefer the look w/ the stem curled instead of straight up - that may have been a result of the yarn choice.  I couldn't knit it as tightly as I wanted (although I try not to knit TOO tight, I wanted this stem to be moosh-able). 
Overall, the colors suit the hat nicely, very light and airy for the little girl who is the recipient.  And they match the flower paci clip nicely too. I think this set is sweet.  I love gifting a hat and binky clip.  They're both SO EASY to make. 
Previously, I posted that I had to move this above mentioned project to a different cable to use my 16" circ.  I'm happy to announce I now have a 2nd 16" circ (size 7) to use.  Although the other is interchangeable, I almost always have used a size 7 needle thus far - so I should be safe. 

I moved the daisy hat because I needed to cast-on and complete Bunny Tail quickly.  I wanted it finished in time for Easter.  Success!! 
This hat is knit with Rowan Cashsoft DK - beautifully soft yarn!  I LOVED knitting with this yarn.  I would certainly look for this in the future.  The gray was a perfect color for X, and it complimented his Easter outfit well!  The pattern calls for a larger bunny tail on the back, but I didn't want it to interfere w/ X when he laid his head back in the car or something.  So just a small one this time. 
And the blue ribbon to tie around the ears worked just right as well.  It didn't fight the gray, and the colors combined looked good on X. 
I tried to get decent pictures while X was wearing that hat, but he preferred to pull it off and carry it around instead.  Such a strong-willed little boy. :)  (I am happy to note, though, that since that weekend, he has successfully worn the hat on several occassions! lol)
(I know it wasn't necessary to include so many pictures of Little Man - but it was so cute, I did anyway.)

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  1. All the hats (and of course Xander) are so cute! Love the upside down daisy! I agree on doing the pedals the way you did.