Monday, April 26, 2010


I just talked with one of my best friends tonight.  With life being so busy, and living in separate towns, we don't talk as much as we like.  The newest addition to her family was the recipient of the Upside-Down Daisy Hat and Flower Pacifier Clip.  I was glad to hear that the gifts had arrived safely (I was going to hand deliver them, but I was having a hard time getting ahold of my friend!).  Since the weather has been so warm lately, little A hasn't worn the hat much.  But I think it's big enough it will fit come fall.  She has gotten a lot of use out of the paci clip thus far, though. :)

From what my friend tells me, she gets a lot of compliments/comments on the binky clip and people always ask where she gets it.  She told me tonight that she likes being able to tell people that her friend made it for her daughter. 

Appreciation like that is why I like crafting, and giving gifts to other people.  Especially when they truly appreciate the time it takes to make something. :) Needless to say, that made my night. 

And to top it off we even set a date to get together.  We're both too flighty to not write it down. :)  I'm looking forward to time with her and meeting her little girl! :)

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  1. How old is the little girl? A newborn? When did she start using pacifiers?

    My boy is more than two months now and he often tries to put his hands into his mouth. He hasn't be very successful in keeping them in yet. But he'll be. And instead of allowing him to suck on his fingers, I think it may be better to use pacifiers. What do you think?