Thursday, April 15, 2010


First item I was able to check off my newly created list! :)

My dad has a vest that he wore A LOT when we were younger.  I've always liked the vest, and apparently, so does my brother.  Recently, he asked Dad if he could use it. 

The problem was, there were a few spots that weren't quite ready to see any more action.  A asked if I could mend these spots so he could wear the vest w/out the fear of anything else ripping and what not.  Just a couple before/after pictures.  Nothing too spectacular to see, but I thought I did a pretty decent job of mending seams. 

Look at the edge of the snow on the mountains - that's where the vest needed mending.
The problem is more obvious on the back (left side of picture)
Pretty snowy mountains now!
What's cool about this down vest is that the different colors and fabric used, combined w/ the puffiness of the vest creates a mountain scene.  It's neat. :)

And something else while I'm thinking of it...I was finally able to take pictures from another swap I participated in.  This one was for the Read & Knit or Crochet Swap group.  The purpose of this group is for all the participants of each month's swap to read the same book.  In March, we read While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo.  Then, when gatherings items for the swap, you include things which relate back to the book, as well as any other goodies your swap partner may enjoy.  The requirements include sending a pattern and the yarn for a project.  The project can relate to the book, or not. 

I wish I had remembered to take pictures before I sent my package off in the mail.  I included a pattern for fingerless gloves, some soft KnitPicks yarn (light and dark blues), some natural colored wool, and Jell-O to dye the wool.  I also included a few stitch markers.  I chose the fingerless gloves pattern because my swap partner likes knitting accessories for herself.  And since she said she liked blues, well - that choice is obvious.  The wool and Jell-O corresponds to the book because one of the characters, Phoebe, shows her knitting group how to dye wool using the microwave method and Berry-Blue Jell-O.  The stitch markers are dogs and knitting needles/yarn.  One of the important characters in the book is an adopted dog, Tink (yes, named after the knitting term).  She ends up playing a semi-important role. 

I received my package from Anna92.  She included some photo holders (which will be great for work), bath salts, fun-shaped milk chocolate, a pattern for fingerless mitts (great minds think alike?! lol), a pumpkin scented candle, and 2 skeins of KnitPicks Elegance yarn in jade.  Hooray for swaps!


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