Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday 8/17

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm trying to relax and enjoy the process, instead of focusing so much on cranking out the finished objects.  I hope I'm not the only one who sometimes gets lost in "getting it done quickly."  I think part of the problem is there are just SO many things I want to knit!

I haven't touched the Dream Catcher Baby Blanket.  The intention was for that to be something I could knit when I didn't have other things that were calling my name.  At the moment, that means that it's sort of left hiding in the corner.  I'm glad I've got all the colors picked, though.  And perhaps once the Lego Man is finished, I'll put more effort into completing it.

Lego Man still only has a head.  Well, not even a head.  An almost finished head.  But this week I've felt it calling it me, asking me to work on it.  I've been catching up on the podcasts I follow (over the summer I sort of stopped watching) and I think Erin from Mommy Needs Yarn pinned the problem on the nose.  Erin is working on the Evenstar Shawl and she's talked several times about how she put it down for awhile and all of a sudden it became this big, daunting task to knit on this shawl.  But when she picked it back up and just took it row by row, she found it really wan't too bad.

That's what I'm feeling with this Lego Man.  I like to read other knitter's project comments ahead of time so I know where I might encounter problems, etc.  This is one instance I should have just started, not bothering to listen to anyone else.  I read a lot about how difficult the pattern was, etc.  Now that it's been sitting for awhile, I feel as though the project has gotten to big for me.  But this week, after listening to Erin, I don't feel so bad about it.  I want to get this toy done for Squishy and I think if I just take it row  by row it will be complete before I know it. :)

Finally, I mentioned yesterday I had cast on for a new project. I cast on the Baby Chalice Blanket by Lykkefanten.  I have been browsing the baby blanket patterns for awhile now and finally settled on this one.  I really liked how this pattern looks with a tonal yarn, even with the lace pattern.  I chose to knit this with Madelinetosh Tosh DK in the Flashdance colorway.  Flashdance is a lovely, tonal plum color that will be rich and beautiful for our little girl. :)
I don't want this to feel like it's taking forever, so I'm trying to be patient and enjoy watching the lace details reveal themselves.  I've finished the first skein and gotten through 3 lace repeats and I love this.
The pictures make this look a little more blue than it really is.  The color actually sits at the perfect spot between being too blue and too red.  I'm a little concerned I don't have enough yarn for the size I want.  I have 3 skeins, but I might need 4.  I increased the cast on from 83 to 135 and I'm using US 9 needles instead of US 10s.  When I get close to the end of the 3rd skein, we'll see where I sit.  It's possible that blocking will solve the size problem.

What's on your needles this week?


  1. You are so patient, Rae Lynne. I love that purple of your blanket. She already has such a treasure trove of knitted items her mummy made just for her. You cannot give those away. Must save for her future daughter :O).
    I will remember Erin's words for this crochet scarf project that I haven't touched for two weeks now.

  2. @Kepanie

    :) I'm trying to be. Some days are easier than others. :) I think Erin's got some great words of wisdom for all us crafters out there. :)

  3. I know exactly how you feel! My problem is all my WIPs. I feel like the task of getting them all done is just too big for me and so I put off working on them. I needed to hear what you wrote today, and I think the best idea for me would be to work on them slowly, and instead of just "trying to get them done" I should be enjoying working on them - I need to change my focus!! Thanks so much for the reminder :)
    By the way, the blanket looks gorgeous!! The colour is fantastic!