Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites 8/26

Air Conditioning

Yep, central air is a must in our house.  Usually, I’m the cold one in the family.  Mr. Man gets overheated very quickly and doesn’t like/can’t tolerate the really high temps and energy-sucking humidity we get in Iowa. 

Lately, he’s been cold and I feel like I could overheat!  The weather has cooled down a lot compared to what it HAS been this summer.  But at almost 30 weeks pregnant (29 weeks today), I find myself VERY warm most all the time.  My office at work is a stifling 81 degrees or so.  No windows, just a door to the hallway.  Getting up and moving around is a must to staying cool.  Then to get in a hot, humid car, pick up Squishy from Grandma’s house and drive home is terribly uncomfortable. 

Evenings haven’t been too bad. We can get some time in outside after the sun has past the peak of the day.  So today I herald central air!  What a blessing!!

Healthy Children

Squishy was sick again this week.  For whatever reason, yesterday he had some sort of stomach bug.  I hate it when he’s sick.  How do you explain to a 2-year-old why they don’t feel good and how it WILL get better?   And if said 2-yr-old doesn’t want to sit still, how do you tell him that it’s really better if he just sits back, relaxes, and stays calm so his tummy doesn’t get upset again?

Squishy is quite good at communicating what he wants or needs or how he’s feeling.  But there are still gaps, like telling Mommy “I have to throw up!” 

So we had a rough morning yesterday.  By suppertime, he was doing much better and I’m happy to report that he’s back to himself today.  No tummy problems, lots of energy (at least there was this morning), happy, healthy child.  My favorite!


It’s the first week back to school with students (last week staff returned).  I like having all the people in the building because otherwise the high school is a bit of a ghost town.  But goodness has it been busy!  I’m appreciating that the weekend starts this afternoon and there’s a break before we go through it all again next week.  I know it will slow down into a rhythm very soon, and I look forward to that!  


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