Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites 8/9: Random

It’s back! After a long break over the summer, I’m ready to launch back into Friday Favorites.   It’s random, so bear with me!

New Hostas
I have no idea what kind of hostas these are, but it’s wonderful to see them planted.  We’ve been talking of putting these in since last summer and now it’s finally done.

We got the two on the outside and the two in the center from my parents.  The other two solid green hostas are from Mr. Man’s mom.

They don’t look like much at the moment, but next year they should look terrific.

(Image from
Knowing that come this fall we’ll be toting two children around, I’ve been looking for alternatives to a double stroller, which can be expensive and bulky.  Enter the Moby Wrap.  I was planning to purchase one before Lovebug arrives, but I was lucky to have a friend give me hers!  That was so generous! 

I have an Ergo carrier, but not the newborn insert, so it’s really not useful until she’s a bit larger.  I’d like to use a wrap/carrier more this time around as I found the infant carseat carrier to be a pain.  When Mr. Man and I are out together with the kids, I’m sure we’ll still use it, but I hope this will be a nice alternative when I’m by myself.  We may still invest in a double stroller, but this gives me options in the meantime. 

I’ve already practiced (yes I feel silly telling you that…) putting it on and placing a baby doll in it.  I know it’s not the same as a real baby, but I want to feel as comfortable as possible using it once she is here.  It will help that once she IS here, I won’t have a baby bump in the way.

I’m almost hesitant to share this next one because I just found the shop this week and I like to keep finds like this to myself for a while before sharing…  But…it’s not like I’m her first customer – she’s got almost 900 sales to her name!

I found this Etsy shop to be delightful and resourceful.  She takes old aluminum needles and makes them into jewelry.  How awesome is that?!  What a great way to repurpose an item.

These earrings are my favorite of everything in her shop
(Image by Sassafrascreations)
and these keychains are really cool.
(Image  by Sassafrasscreations)
I’ll be keeping an eye out for her watches as well. 
(Image by Sassafrasscreations)
It might not be obvious to all who see it, but I know we fiber artists love to surround ourselves with items related to our craft.  This jewelry is like a little secret between us that we’re not ever too far away from this craft we love!


  1. What a cute carrier. My Jo was my little joeyette and I carried her around in the Baby Bjorn for until she was a little over one yr.
    I remember that shop. I have it favored I think on Etsy; she uses old knitting needles :O).

  2. @Kepanie
    Yep - old aluminum knitting needles. :) That's what really drew me in to her shop to begin with.

    I have a ton of straights like this that I'll probably never use. Maybe I should see if I could send her the materials to have her make something for me. :)