Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Last Pair

I cast on and bound off my last pair of baby socks.  Baby socks are quick, but after this final set, I need something more.  Here is my version of Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks by Ann Budd.  Knit on US 1s (instead of US 0s) with Ella Rae Lace Merino, there are my least favorite of all I’ve done.

I’ve heard many knitters say many good things about this pattern and how much they enjoyed the knit.  But…it’s not for me.  The ruffle is too big and the short row heel/toe construction left me confused and frustrated with the pattern. When I finally figured it out, they went quickly, but I didn’t enjoy the time spent on these.  Finished, the heels and toes are neat, but for me, it’s not worth my dislike of the technique.
I didn’t use the short row shaping for the toe because I was ready to be done and wanted this finished ASAP.  Instead, I knit a (ssk, k(x), k2tog, k2tog, k(x), ssk) decrease until I had 16 stitches remaining.  Then I kitchenered the toe shut.  The toe doesn’t mesh because it’s not the same as the heel, but they’re done.  I have no idea if they’ll ever fit Lovebug.
On the flip side, although this pattern isn’t for me (I much preferred the Baby Mitten Socks!!), with over 1200 projects on Ravelry, I saw some beautiful baby socks, and many knitters who loved the pattern.  I would hate for someone to discount this pattern because of my opinion.  So if these are on your list to knit, go for it!  No one said you have to love every pattern and I’m just one knitter among a whole world of fiber artists!

I gotta say, though….I LOVE this yarn!


  1. I hate baby socks, in general. Little Man has never kept socks on his feet except for one certain, extremely specific kind. And I don't remember what kind. I think they were made by Gerber.

    He's basically been barefoot or feet covered in jammie feeties since birth last November.

    I don't know how I'm ever going to get shoes on his feet....

    Thing is? I love knitting baby socks. They're quick. They're small. It gives you a chance to work on designs. But they just don't stay on (at least, not for me).

  2. So small and precious. You are on a roll! Unless you go for #3 later on, you can get a shadow box for these baby socks you've made to keep forever.

  3. @Renee Anne Yeah, Squishy was the same way - socks never stayed on. I had a couple people tell me that this is the first pair they'd ever had that stayed on their baby's feet. So I thought I'd try them. I have more faith in the ribbed socks I finished!

  4. @Kepanie A shadow box is a great idea, Stefanie! Even if we do have a 3rd, there are a couple pairs I wouldn't mind saving as a reminder of how tiny she will be as a newborn. :)