Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 16

I don’t know how many of you are interested, but I’ll post it anyway.  Last Friday (May 27) marked 16 weeks in my pregnancy.  That’s just a couple weeks into the second trimester.

I’ve been feeling much better than those initial 10-12 weeks of the fisrt trimester.

We had a surprise ultrasound last week so they could measure Baby’s heartbeat.  It was nice and strong at 151 bpm and a relief to see that little heart pumping away on the screen.  The technician said Baby is measuring about 7 oz at this point.  In case you wondered, that’s big.  (In comparison, if you read week-by-week guides on your developing baby on websites, they’ll tell you 16 weeks should be about 3.5 oz – this baby is measuring around the 18 week mark!)
(sorry for the blurry photo - I took a picture of the picture they gave us w/ our camera)
Squishy and Mr. Man came with me.  Squishy watched the ultrasound screen occasionally, but was more interested in what the tech was doing to Mommy’s tummy.  We heard a lot of the following conversation:

Squishy: “Whadya’ do’n’?”
Us: She’s looking at the baby.”
Squishy: “Baby?!”
Us: Yep – she’s checking to make sure Baby is healthy.”
Squishy: “Ohhhh…………Whadya do’n’?”

And so it went for the remainder of the appointment.

No news on boy vs. girl yet.  We want to know and hoped to find out a little early, but no such luck.  Now I really can’t wait for our 20 week scan!


  1. Are you sure they didn't get your due date wrong? I've heard that happening more times than not. It's so difficult to know exactly when everything happened...

    If you & baby keep measuring big, it's possible that the due date is wrong. Just a thought...

  2. Glad you and baby are doing well and everyone's healthy. Cute that Squishy got to see his sibling.

  3. @Renee Anne

    It's possible the due date is wrong - but only up to 1 week based on conception (and I'm [pretty positive about that date!!). At my initial appointment the baby measured smaller thank we thought it would be so they bumped me back a week. I'm not really too concerned about it - I'd rather the baby stay put longer than them deliver the baby early because they think the due date is wrong. It'll be a C-section so it will already be scheduled 1 week ahead of my due date - I'd hate to think they'd deliver earlier and find out the baby wasn't actually as big as they thought it was!