Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes Everywhere!

This post is seriously delayed.  A couple months ago I signed up for the cupcake swap.  You’ve heard me mention it on the blog before, but I’ve neglected rave about all the goodies I received in the mail!

So here we go….

My package arrived from a very familiar place….Washington!  When I saw the return address on the box I immediately knew who the package was from. :)  Becky (gathersnomoss) and I have exchanged mail several times and each time it’s been such a pleasure.

There were so many fun things I don’t even know where to start, but this box was packed full of goodies!

I guess I’ll begin with the knit items and other knitterly things.  Becky made the cutest mint chocolate chip cupcake hat with a little chocolate swirl on top.  It’s so tiny and adorable, I sat and squeezed and hugged it for a long time because I love it so much.  I think part of that feeling came from knowing that the hat was knit for the bun in the oven and so picturing the hat on the little babe’s head was an overwhelming feeling.   We don’t find out until tomorrow whether we’ll have a boy or girl, but this hat will be perfect for either! (I had told my swap partner at the beginning to knit whatever they wanted in a newborn/0-3 month size and we’d go from there – creative freedom at it’s best! – And Becky didn’t disappoint!)
The second knit item was the little cupcake pincushion.  She made a chocolate and pink cupcake and filled the top with multi-colored pins that look like sprinkles. The pincushion is now safely located with all my other sewing goodies and has been wonderful to have while working on whatever sewing project comes my way.
The knitty goodness doesn’t stop there, though.  She also included a blue and a green skein of Cascade 220 for the Daphne & Delilah, the Mamma & Baby Monsters pattern by Rebecca Danger.  I’ve not yet made any of the DangerCraft patterns, but I love these quirky monsters! 
She also included a very cute pattern, the Baby Wrap Sweater, that she found at her local LYS.  The pattern gives variations for boys or girls and will certainly be knit up in the future.  And since this is a cupcake themed swap, I got a cupcake project bag to store everything in!  One can never have enough project bags.
Other items included cupcake ribbon, cupcake buttons, green tractor buttons (perfect for John Deere),  and star fabric for Squishy’s quilt.  (A bundle of star fabric came a little later in the mail as well – it was such a sweet surprise – so a big thank you to your mom, Becky, for going on the hunt!). 
But wait, there’s more!  Cupcake stickers, cupcake notepads, a cupcake dish and cookie cutter, cupcake muffin/cupcake wrappers, a cupcake bath bomb, and mini notecards with cupcakes and other pictures on them. You think I’ve come to the end now, right?  Nope, not yet!  There were also mints, and chocolates and Hostess Cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries.  YUM!  Squishy and I have enjoyed these!
And not to leave out the kids, Squishy got a Cookie Monster book, bubbles, and a huge box of sidewalk chalk.  Baby #2 got a purple onesie with a cupcake on the front.  Becky said she took a leap with the onesie, but I just see it as a stealthy way to say we’re having a girl.  Lol

Everything was terribly wonderful, thank you so much, Becky!  I’m sorry this post was so late in coming but I really have enjoyed it all!


  1. What great goodies received! It's so sweet of her to include items for Squishy. How exciting to find out tomorrow the gender of bebe!!!

  2. WOW! Now, that's an awesome package!!

    Are you announcing on the blog tomorrow???? I need to know where to go to find out!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!

  3. @knittingknirvana
    Yes! I will announce on the blog, and Rav tomorrow. :) My appointments are in the afternoon - I just know I won't sleep tonight because of the excitement! :)