Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Favorites 6/3: Podcasts

It's Friday...hooray!   I've been looking forward to today because it means I start vacation this weekend and don't have to be back to work for an entire week!

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts that I listen to and/or watch.  There have been a lot of video podcasts that have sprouted up lately and I find those really enjoyable, but I also love the audio podcasts because I can listen to them anytime, anywhere.  I don't need to be able to watch them to catch up.  I'll try to keep the list short.  I listen to a lot, and there are so many more out there that I haven't even started to discover.  I encourage you all to look into them! :) 

Video Podcasts

I started listening to Suzanne (knittingknirvana on Rav) because she's a friend from the Itty Bitty forums and thought it was fun to be able to see her in person and see what projects she was working on and what she had going on at each time.  Suzanne's got about 13 episodes posted so far.  She just recently had a baby girl and I'm sure she's got her hands full and stays very busy with her family.  But I really look forward to her return!

This podcast was started by Stephanie (KnittingSamurai), an expectant knitter - just as the title says.  Each week she shares what she's knitting, what she wants to knit for the baby and anything pregnancy related.  I found this podcast through a few friends and finally started listening after Stephanie posted in the Due in November 2011 board on Ravelry.  I appreciate all the baby patterns Stephanie shares and find it fun and interesting to listen to this podcast while I'm expecting, as well.  She's not sure if she'll continue after the baby has arrived, so this could be limited time only.  I'd love to see her keep going if she's up for it!

Katie (jetgirl1313) is a pilot, with a flying themed podcast.  I love hearing her talk about her traveling and just recently, she brought home her grandfather's plane as her own.  Even though I don't fly, I can understand the sentimental value in this.  My grandparents few and own a couple small planes (2- and 4-seater planes).  When we were little they'd pick us up and fly us to their local airport where we'd stay for a week in the summer.  We got so many rides in those planes.  It was a wonderful experience to have.  Katie's funny and enjoyable to watch.  

This doesn't include the other podcasts I love watching, but they have been more recent favorites of mine.  Other podcasts I watch are The KnitGirllls with Laura and Leslie, Mommy Needs Yarn with Erin, Dramatic Knits with Steve, Exchange Student in Fiberland with MariGayle, Round the Twist with Carin, Rainlover Knits with Sarah and His & Hers podcast with Melissa and Sean. I plan to catch up on 90% Knitting and I'd like to start watching Knit One, Heart Two.  Like I said...there are so many out there!

Audio Podcasts

I love listening to Alana talk about her knitting, her designs, and any sort of knitting bloopers and stories she has to share with us, from herself or from her listeners.  She was the first podcast I started listening to.  She just returned from a break in recording.  I haven't listened to it yet, but I will soon!  And every time I listen to an episode, I have her theme song stuck in my head for the day. Mr. Man tells me it sounds like me... :)

I've only listened to a handful of episodes of these two ladies.  The banter and discussion back and forth is fun. Listening to two people gives a different sort of flare to a podcast.  I like to listen to the audio podcasts while I'm doing things around the house or when Squishy is trying to nap.  I've only listened to the first 15 episodes or so, but I know they're there...and some time I'll catch up to the 100-some episodes they have completed!

The other audio podcast I've listened to is the Knitmore Girls.  Again, I've only listened to a few, but I like the mother-daughter combination.  It's also neat to hear them pop up occasionally on other podcasters episodes. :)

So there you have it.  My list.  It's small compared to what's available.  There are many more I'd like to listen to or watch, but not until I've caught up on those already on my list!

Happy Friday, everyone!  It's nice weather here and I hope to get some time outside for walking or bike rides!


  1. Love Suzanne's podcasts. Hers are the only one I enjoy so far, probably b/c I've had so much interaction w/her on Rav and FB.
    Have a lovely week off. Be good for you and baby.

  2. Thanks for the love Raelynne (and Stefanie too!)!!!!