Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello, Baby!

Before we knew we were having a girl, I was feeling a little lopsided in my knitting.  I had just barely finished the Beyond Puerperium cardigan when I cast on for the Hello Baby Cardigan by Susan B. Anderson.  Jill, on the Rav boards, mentioned she had started one and I was immediately seized with the desire to knit one myself.  For a boy.

Selecting a yarn was difficult because I wanted it to be obviously boy.  So instead of teals and blue-greens which I have a wonderful abundance of, I wanted a navy blue or brown.  I rediscovered some wool yarn - Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted in Atlantic Blues - that I received in a swap in 2010 from Melissa.

I was feeling like my world was tipped back to balanced again and within just a couple days I had this little sweater all knit up.....well...mostly.
I will admit that I struggled...a lot....with the applied i-cord edging around the front and collar of this cute little sweater.  I picked up stitches about 5 times by the end, and watched several videos.  It never worked like I wanted it to.  After reading the project pages of other knitters, I found I wasn't the only one who had some trouble, but no one really explained how they ended up working themselves straight.  There were several people who mentioned they had no problems.  I think it was me and my ability to understand the pattern.
That being said, I decided to forge my own way.  Using the instructions from the pattern, THIS YouTube video, and my own understanding of the technique, I got it worked out, and I really like this edging.

I modified the pattern to include buttonholes all the way down the front, instead of just the 3 buttons at the top.  Since I was intending this to be for a boy, I thought buttons down the entire front would be better.
In the end, we found out we are having a girl (which I've yet to be shy about mentioning....I'm still so excited about it...).  Hmm....  This was for a boy.  I don't really know anyone with new baby boys, or anyone that knows they are having a boy.   At least not yet.  And since I'm not one to sit and wait and be patient, I decided this would be for a girl.  (It's easier to put a girl in navy blue than a boy in bright pink!)

So from there I found some girly buttons (actually, these buttons were discovered by Mr. Man....aren't they absolutely perfect for a baby girl?!  I love them and I'm super impressed with his button-finding skills).  Little sunflowers to bring some sunshine to what will be increasingly cold and gray weather.  I can really appreciate the bright yellow against the dark blues and grays of the yarn.  I did end up taking off the 4 bottom buttons so it's like the original pattern.  But I like the effect both ways.

At the suggestion of a friend, I opted to leave it at that.  I had considered some duplicate stitching, but I don't think it needs it.  Simple is good for little babies!
If you're interested in reading about my applied i-cord, I actually have written a photo tutorial of how I managed it.  The photos aren't great and I found it's hard to write what you actually mean...it's much easier to just show someone.  But I don't have a video.  Yet.  Check back tomorrow and it should be posted.  :)

You know what else I'm learning?  I'm learning that I thought being able to knit baby items would make me more patient and calm for the time little Lovebug would arrive.  Yeah....that's not quite accurate...  I'm actually finding that in some ways I'm MORE impatient for her to get here so I can see all these little things on her! :)


  1. I LOVE the addition of the sunflower buttons- just the right amount of "girly" without going over the top. I think our society's obsession with color-coding our kids is a bit weird, so I really appreciate your choice to keep the blue sweater for your sweet little girl.

    Love your blog! Thanks

  2. Girls can wear blue too! The sunflower buttons make it girly. I've always wanted to get a hat or t-shirt for my girls when they were babies and have them say, "Don't put me in a box," or "I'm a girl, stupid."
    Great link to that I-cord edging attachment.

  3. @littlepebble
    Thank you for the sweater love and for stopping by the blog! It's good to go against the grain sometimes. I know my little girl will wear pink and I'm really okay with that, but I love doing things differently.

  4. @Kepanie
    Girls can definitely wear blue! If they couldn't I would have been in trouble long ago! Lol. And boys can wear pink but it's much harder to find acceptance for that than the other way around!

    I do prefer, though, that when someone looks at my child's clothing, they can tell if Squishy is a boy, etc. I get overly aggravated when I hear people refer to him as a she!