Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorites 6/10: Quilted Lattice Mitts

I've been meaning to share these mitts for a little while and so they are hijacking Friday Favorites for this week. :)

The graduation gift is finished!  I chose fingerless mitts, the Quilted Lattice Mitts, after much deliberation and several hours perusing patterns of all kinds on Ravelry.

There are two options for this pattern.  1.  Use two contrasting yarns, like a white and red.  2.  Use 1 color/skein of yarn (be it solid, semi-solid, variegated, etc.).  I had variegated sock yarn in my stash so that’s what won.
My version was knit in Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Wild West.  I’m not usually a huge fan of variegated yarn because of the flashing and/or pooling that can occur.  I like things more symmetrical and uniform…  Mr. Man would tell me it’s my need to control things that makes me think that way…lol  BUT, I saw how other projects turned out and thought this would be an exception. 

These mitts are shorter.  The wrist is only a few inches and the palm doesn’t even reach my knuckles.  But they’re really cute and I could see S wearing them a lot, especially if she’s out riding in cooler weather.  I’m sure they could easily be made longer, both on the top and bottom.
The pattern calls for a cast-on edge of 48 stitches.  I cast on 54 because I thought 48 might be a little too small.  These mitts fit me well and should be great for S. 

I will admit that the second mitt took me much longer – sort of like second sock syndrome, I imagine.  By the time the first was finished, I was disenchanted with the pattern and wanted to knit something new.  Apparently my attention span is still a little short!!

This has given me a boost of confidence to knit a pair of socks, though.  The pattern called for US 1 needles – I’d never knit something with such tiny needles!  I thought they’d take forever, but they were really quick. The first mitt was finished in 1 day!

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  1. They look grrr-eat! The stitch pattern w/the colorway really stands out. You're entitled to knit something new after getting one done! The novelty wears off and so the break will renew your interest.
    Hope you're feeling well and getting some good weather to enjoy this weekend.