Monday, June 6, 2011


A long while back my sister asked me to knit a few things for her friend who is having a baby in June.  I agreed.  I had a lot of time.  A while later, I learned that the shower was in April – but I was assured she didn’t need “the goods” by then.  I wasn’t very timely in finishing these things.  I was a bad sister and only recently got these things to her. 

Frogs were the them and I was assigned the task of a girl frog hat and both a frog and elephant binky clip.  You’ve all seen me make the clips before.  Simple things, really.  Except I remember not particularly caring for the frog clip while knitting it.  So many tiny pieces and it was so fiddly.  I didn’t think I’d ever made another, save for my own child.  Then, when it was finished, it was so cute!  So I agreed to make another… (you all see where this is going, right?)

Honestly, that frog clip is the only thing that held me up.  I should have done it first and gotten it out of the way.  My second time knitting this was no better than the first.  BUT, it’s still just as cute!  It’s like naughty children and puppies – they get away with so much more because they smile and say sorry or cuddle up next to you and you forgive them so easily!    So even though I’d like to say that this is my last frog clip, I know it’s not true.   Made with Tahki Cotton Classic Lite in Bright Green, Cornflower Blue, Sky Blue, and Tahki Cotton Classic in Bright Light Green.  There is also just a tiny bit of Knit Picks Swish DK in Petal thrown in for the butterfly wings.  

The elephant clip was super fast, as I knew it would be.  I’ve made this puppy at least 4-5 times now.  The quickest of the bunch.  Made in Tahki Cotton Classic Lite in Cornflower Blue and Sky Blue.

And the crowning glory, in my opinion, the Frog Hat.  This hat is a modified version of the Bunny Tail hat.  Instead of making long ears, I kept the “ear” section short and converted them into eyes.  Add embroidery and it’s done!
But of course it didn’t stop there.  The frog is a girl frog because the baby is a girl.  So I knit a bow (notes on my project page) and attached it at the back of the hat.  Placement was difficult because I kept thinking of the eyes as ears, so I wanted the bow in front – but that made no sense!  I also gave the froggie eyelashes to pretty her up. 

I’d like to claim this idea as my own, but really it was inspired by Leanne’s (Lunatic84) Frog Hat, with a few of my own additions. 

I’m very pleased and heard the new mommy was as well!

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