Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas Knitting: J's Gloves

My original plan for Christmas was to knit a new hat for J and surprise him with it.  Then he asked me for a new hat before I could do that.  And he asked for a pair of long-cuffed gloves.  The hat is finished and has been for awhile.

Originally, J & I had talked about gloves that had a diamond-like cable running along the arm & back of the hand, ribbing around the remainder of the cuff and something like moss stitch on the palms & fingers.  Needless to say, this didn't happen.  I still plan to create some like this, but thought that if I tried to make these in time for J to wear them this winter, I'd have to simplify.  So instead, J's Gloves have long cuffs (which reach his elbows), done in 2x2 ribbing that steadily decreases to the wrist, switching to stockinette stitch for the hands and fingers.  Simple says it best. 
These are really big on me and I'm glad that I had J's hands nearby to get the length of the fingers right. 

I'll probably write this up and offer it as a free pattern on Raverly in a little while.  Initially I was going to use a pattern on Ravelry, but I couldn't find one like what J wanted.  And by the time I had decided to simplify the pattern, I figured I may as well keep going on my own instead of searching for a men's pattern.  I'm not really impressed by too many of the men's glove patterns they have available.  None of them were quite right for J, or they were too "frilly." 
The final pattern when complete will be moderately different than this pair.  I've changed the cast-on number to get symmetry, which has changed my decreases somewhat.  The thumb gusset also needs to be a little different.  

Looks like I've finished these just in time as we've got about a month left of winter.


  1. They look great, and fit perfectly!!

  2. They look so warm and handy for J! Awesome job.

  3. great gloves! They're in my queue!

  4. @sauceyjill
    I saw you had added them to your queue! Thanks for the support! :)