Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites 2/25: Just Call Me a Knerdy Knitter!

Maybe you won't all count the following Friday Favorites as nerdy, but they fall under that definition for me.  While lying in bed last night trying to decide what today's Favorites would be about, I kept coming back to a few patterns that I just think are fun.  I know I have many more than these in my favorites that are a bit on the "geeky" side of things, but I have too many favorites to go through them all. :)

Photo by Carissa Browning
I'm a lover of Star Wars.  I grew up watching them with my family, and continued watching them on my own and with my husband.  J loves Star Wars, too (on a larger scale than me), so it's a shared interest.  And anyone who's seen the movie, how can you not love R2D2 and C-3PO?  There are a lot of really cute projects for this pattern, especially those for little babies! :)  Several people leave off the "3-D" portion of the hat, perhaps for practicality.

Photo by Nori
I saw this pattern this morning.  All I could think of was how much J & X would love to have one of these, swinging them around the house and dueling one another.  Then I thought of how much X would like to use it to hit things with.  With that in mind, I won't be knitting this any time soon, but it's still fun to see a knitted Lightsaber! :)

Photo by AbbyEBee
Have any of you seen How to Train Your Dragon?  I love it.  It's a fun movie and it captures one of my favorite mythical creatures, dragons.  Add a dragon to the story (whether the dragon be good or bad), and you've piqued my interest.  I think of this as a "knerdy knit" because when I think dragons, I think World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and sci-fi fantasy books.  Plus, I really love the Toothless character in the movie.

Photo by Amber Allison
This is a pattern I saw awhile back and immediately knew it would be perfect for my husband.  He loves Legos, and has passed on that interest to X.  What's better than a doll-size Lego man?  I really LOVE that his head, torso and legs come apart.  This WILL be a pattern I knit.  Perhaps this summer when things have slowed down a bit.  I just can't get over how creative this pattern designer was. I've heard that the pattern isn't easy, and the designer warns that it's not a beginner's project.  So for me, I think...awesome!  A challenge that has really cool results! :) Now...if only she had a pattern for hair...


  1. Cool patterns! I have R2D2 in my favs. Love that Toothless and sabers and lego. Great eye.

  2. Great Friday Favorites! My kids would love those knitted lightsabers. That would be more house friendly than the ones they have now. ;) I will be watching for the LEGO guy. I have looked at him a few times.