Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday 2/9

I'm going to keep it simple today - it's busy at work today!

Mom has found fabric for her Brea Bag.  Hopefully soon we'll be able to line it.  I'll be knitting a shoulder strap for the bag since we didn't find anything we liked better.  We'll probably line the back of the strap with the same lining as the fabric to add stability and so the strap won't stretch out too much.

I'm almost finished with J's gloves.  It's just the fingers that need to be knit.  Potentially, this could be done in one night.
(Sorry for the fuzzy, funny colored photos.  I took them this morning before work!)
Last night I sat down and finished the knitting on A's Morgan.  For whatever reason I wasn't really wanting to pick this up again.  I think I put it so far out of my mind around Christmas because it wasn't finished, that I found it daunting to return to it an finish.  I still need to cut out the stabilizer for the bill and sew it in, as well as block the hat.  It's a bit tight on my head so I don't know if it would fit A's head.  I may go back and re-do the bindoff to make sure it's really loose.  At this point it feels really tight even though I tried to get it loose.  :/  It doesn't look like much and I won't weave in ends until the bill is finished, but I feel the relief of being close to done!
What's on your needles this week?  Any projects left unfinished that you just can't bring yourself to pick back up again?


  1. The gloves are looking great! I have not been doing a lot of knitting this week. I would love to be finished with my celtic knot stole. I am not a big fan of the lace weight yarn. I had to try it and I will finish this eventually. Everything looks awesome.


  2. @heatherg7
    Thanks, Heather! I'm felting the hat a little as we speak, and then it will be blocked. Definitely a pattern that you have to just trust the designer because you can't see it until the end. I can't wait to block out the gloves - make the fingers more consistent. Tonight's been productive!

    Your stole is looking great!