Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday 3/21

There are several items on the the needles at the moment and as I expressed yesterday, I'm starting to feel as though I'll never catch up.  Suffocated by my own knitting!! AGH! ;)  So it's time to crack that whip (haha...or WIP...I know...very lame joke...) so I can feel some freedom again.  (Mind you, these are all self-imposed projects.)

Squishy's new sweater needs blocking and the proper buttons.  It will happen this week.
I tinked back my bind off on the test knit to add another repeat and to bind off looser and in pattern.  Since the yarn is Cascade Soft Spun, I can easily felt the ends together - no weaving in ends - YAY!
I'm participating in a Mystery KAL (Knit-A-Long) for Elena Nodel, who has some amazing children's designs.  My friend, Lyndsey, has knit several of her patterns and I'm in love with them all.  I've only just cast on and I'm not sure how I feel about the yarn.  I'll work through Clue 1 and see if I change my mind. Otherwise, I'll frog and try something else (I am trying to use stash and I just don't have that much dk weight yarn).
I pulled out a UFO (UnFinished Object) this February.  Evie's Sweater is back (just in time for warm weather...).  I frogged my previous work and started again on larger needles as the fabric was too stiff and dense the first time.  I got distracted by Whippoorwill, though, so I need to get back and finish this.  I'm not that far from the end.
Last item to note is my Whippoorwill.  Row 65 or so, but want to be farther.  Alternating skeins is tedious but I'll stick with it because I know what I'll get if I'm patient.  When it's done, I'll be casting on Ruffle My Feathers for myself.
...and Be.Leaf for someone else.  :)

What's in your bag this week?

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  1. You sure are busy! Each WIP is terrific. Just work on maybe two a day and then switch the next day? That way you won't have boredom and can get a little done at the same time.
    I love how you went hardcore and ripped back a BO. I know how wonky that can get. Love Squishy's sweater!