Thursday, March 8, 2012

Long Overdue

I must first apologize to Becky (gathersnomoss on Ravelry) for my incredible delay in posting this.  She sent me the most amazing package and I hardly said peep about it on the blog. 

A short while back, after Christmas, I participated in another Itty Bitty Swap.  This one was called “What’s at the Bottom of Your Garden?”  Or in my mind, affectionately remembered as the Frogs and Fairies swap.  The requirements: knit your partner a frog or a fairy (using one of Susan Anderson’s designs) and send your partner a kit for the other item.  (So if you knit a frog, you sent a kit for a fairy.)  I would say there was an even split between frogs and fairies knit.  And then of course, there were all the usual goodies that go along with a swap – treats, other handmade items, little mementos that fit the theme, etc. 

Becky got my name…again.  I hope you don’t mind, Becky, as I sure love getting your packages! And she went over and above for my box.  She is so talented in so many ways. 

The loot:
Remembering the kids, the box included fairy-stamp pens, a toy for Lovebug (it’s attached to her car seat handle), and some matchbox cars for Squishy.  The coolest part about the cars is that they came in a neat sewn pouch/envelope. You open and unfold it to reveal two pockets, one for each car.  Then you close up the pouch, secured by Velcro and they’re snug and safe.  A great way to travel with a couple toys for my boy!

There were also notepads and sticky tabs, a “Sheep Happens” notepad and a package of pretty tissues. 
A dangly, colorful frog, raspberry chocolate, Chocorooms, hard mushroom sour candies (which Squishy and Mr. Man enjoyed), and a tin of mints for myself. 
Pretty gardening gloves and seeds and the prettiest gardening spade I’ve ever seen.  Now I have no reason not to get my hands dirty in the backyard!
What else?  Yes, there’s more.  As I mentioned, Becky is very talented and she didn’t disappoint in the handmade gifts.  I received the prettiest fairy in her blue skirt and blue petal pouch (she sits in my bedroom, guarding my treasures)…

…a felted bouncy ball…
…a felted flower brooch (I think this will be especially great in the spring on my denim jacket or various scarves)…
…a butterfly barrette for Lovebug…
…a beautiful project bag that’s been stuffed full of my knitting since I pulled it from the box…
…and by far my favorite – a button clock!  The clock is a needlework hoop (used for cross-stitch or hand-quilting) with canvas for the face.  Buttons are used to mark each hour.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and think it would just make the neatest gift for those who are the talented, crafty sort!
I can’t forget to mention that I also received a skein of Manos del Uruguay in a beautiful teal-blue…
…and in the project bag was a skein of Spud and Chloe Sweater in Grass with a tennis ball to knit Ribbit; a pretty tin with stitch markers, a “Knit Happy” retractable tape measure, an emergency crochet hook, yarn needle and puppy snips!; as well as some frog and flower buttons; AND enough yarn to make a fairy friend for my blue fairy. 

I was spoiled rotten, top to bottom!

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  1. You are great with the descriptions, Rae Lynne. Very entertaining. Pattytrish