Tuesday, March 20, 2012


As I sit here staring at the blank screen, I’m trying to decide what I’ve shared with you and what is yet to show you.  I suppose I can go back and look through my blog posts as to what I’ve written about…but that doesn’t really help if I haven’t told you about some of my finished objects AND I can’t remember what those are…

(perhaps this needs no explanation...but every time I think of how to "catch-up" I think of "catsup" which to me should really be "ketchup"...so there ya go...) 

I will admit to being in a bit of a haze the last month or so.  February was full of personal obligations that left me without a lot of knitting time as it wasn’t my first priority.  Then as February passed, I had a giant list of things I wanted to knit – I was in overload!  And I wanted to knit them all right away. 

We fiber artists over on Ravelry fondly refer to this as startitus.   Yep, I was bitten by that bug.  And the end result has been that I’m a bit overwhelmed with all that I took on in the first week of March. 

I’m trying to find time to dye some bare yarn so I can participate in my own, hosted Dye-A-Long.  I have colors in mind, and even the method I’ll use.  Now I just need a couple hours to do so.  (My method requires constant attention because I want to try something new…)

I joined in the Fairy Tale swap on the “Odd Duck Swaps of Ravelry” board.  This looks very promising to be a lot of fun…but I honestly need to start giving it more attention because I’m beginning to fall behind. 

I test-knit a design, which was a lot of fun because I’d never done that before.  That was a really fast knit because I had to have it done by March 9 and I didn’t start it until March 5. 

Then came Spring Break.  Relief at last, you’d think.  Except that I was super busy.  Which was my own fault.  I was hoping to meet a friend from Ravelry, but it didn’t work out.  Another time, perhaps.  And the kids had their pictures taken on Wednesday.  Neither of these things really means I was super busy, except that I decided Squishy needed a new sweater for his pictures to match Lovebug and of course that meant I’d knit him one.  Yeah, stupid idea!! I knit it in 2 days and didn’t have time to block it before the pictures.  They both still looked cute.  And I still haven’t blocked the sweater…

I crocheted some dishcloths…those were fast.  And then there was a bridal shower for Mr. Man’s cousin, so I knit a dishcloth and crocheted a couple more for her.  All of which has kept my hands very busy. 

And finally…I’ve been DYING to cast on for Whippoorwill and though…March…definitely in March.  Well, I did cast on, and I’ve gotten through about 65 row or so (hooray!!) but haven’t been able to really dedicate a lot of my attention to it. 

I’m back to work and feel like I never had a break.  So much for taking things slow and easy. 

So you see, my friends… I have lots to share with you.  This post is seriously lacking in pictures, but I felt that each FO (finished object) deserved it’s own post…and some of the knits still need finishing details. 

I do have a finished shawlette/kerchief to share, which I’ve now worn several times and love.  Perhaps tonight while Hubby’s at work I can catch up and find my breath again. 

Do any of you ever feel overwhelmed or like you just can’t catch your breath?  What do you do s-l-o-w d-o-w-n a bit?  

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  1. Oh boy, the ever busy life of a mum!
    It gets hectic here also. I guess to slow down, I sit on my bed and craft while watching Food Network or I spend ridiculous time on the laptop finding reasons to search for that or look at that.