Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday 4/11

Two weeks later and I'm finally posting again.  Ever get tired of me saying that I'll be better about posting more often?

I have made some progress on several WIPs.  In fact, at least half of what I shared last time is complete and just needs proper photos so I can share them with you.

What does that leave me with, you ask?  Plenty.

I'm still working on my Whippoorwill shawl.  I'm on row 78.  I had put it down for a while and couldn't remember exactly where in the pattern I had left off.  So the first time picking it back up again was slow going.  And the rows where I'm alternating skeins move slower.  But I'm on a solid-color section now and think it will go quicker again for a bit.  I have noticed a ruffly, rippled look forming where the increase rows are placed.  On each increase row you're increasing by several stitches each time.  I can't wait to see what the end result looks like.  This is a project I work on when I'm just not sure what else to do because I have some other required knitting to complete this month.

Evie's Sweater is still in my "active projects" bag, but it hasn't seen the light of day in a while.  But I want it finished before Fall arrives this year, so it'll probably get completed this summer.  I should probably get it back out again, double-check and document where I'm at in the pattern so I don't forget like last time.

I've started a new shawl.  The pattern is Be.Leaf by Kitmay Figueroa.  I'm participating in a swap in the Odd Duck Swaps of Ravelry group. The theme for this swap is Fairy Tales.  Take a minute to think about what how you define a fairy tale, and then another moment to think about all the different ways you can classify and define those two simple words.  Then throw the theme into a very large group of people and you get a very varied definition.  And I think it's fantastic!  Personally, I like a modern twist to the classic fairy tales.  I've come to realize that two of my favorite stories are Red Riding Hood and Rumpelstiltskin.  And it just so happens that my partner feels the same.  This helps when picking items for her swap package!  Okay, okay, I'm getting off track.

Anywho, I've knitting Be.Leaf because it reminds me of the forest.  I wanted to knit a shawl (I thought about a hood or cape to be representative of Red Riding Hood, but wanted something more practical, so shawl it was).  And I wanted the shawl to elicit the feeling of being in the woods, running from the wolf.  This shawl truly needs a post of it's own because of my thought process behind picking this shawl, but long story short - there is a leaf pattern that is unique and fit the theme and "feel" that I wanted.  I originally wanted to knit it in a gradient shawl, light moss green to dark olive green to brown, but I don't know that my partner really would have liked that.  So I settled for a darker teal color that should showcase the pattern really well.  I just cast on with Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in Kenai.  I'm still on the stockinette portion, but I love the feel of the fabric already.

I'm also participating in the H is for Hedgehogs & Hippos swap in the Itty Bitty group.  I haven't done a swap in a bit and I really wanted to do this one.  The Hedgehog to Squirrel toy by Susan B. Anderson is truly the cutest!  I've picked out the yarn for the Hedgehog and hope to cast on soon.

There are a few other knit swap goodies in the plan, but I'll have to see what time allows.  And I apologize that I have no pictures to share with you today - I have been so lacking in the picture-taking department!

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  1. I love how you're such a dedicated swap participant. You ladies are so hardcore w/all of those goodies you find for one another and send off.