Friday, January 15, 2010

Stitch Markers

I've decided that I'm addicted to stitch markers.  The cute kind. :) Not those plastic ones, or the rubbery ones that stick on the needle.  I'm talking collectable stitch markers. :)  

It started innocently enough, just browsing Etsy for ideas for needle organizers and knitting project bags.  Of course, stitch markers came up in the search.  All kinds of them.  From the very basic rings, to more elaborate beaded markers.  Then I found something that really sparked interest - and I was off and running to find more.  I found Sherman the Sheep.  A beautiful glass bead shaped like a sheep.  I thought - wow, what cute way to keep your place.  And so unique compared to just several beaded markers that are all the same.  Every time I logged in to Etsy I'd look at him, but never wanted to spend the money on something so little.  And I thought, well - maybe there's more like it out there at a lower cost.  So I searched through TONS of markers, not even beginning to skim the surface of them all. 

And I came across polymer clay stitch markers.  :) And this is where my resolve in not getting any broke down. There were so many cute ones, I decided to find ones that were just right.  I came across Kyoto Song Designs.  She had a unique selection of markers, and after some lengthy convos, I had what I needed.  She's pretty much open to whatever you can think up.  If you have the idea, she'll make it happen.  So now I'm recieving 3 custom stitch markers that are truly unique for me.  She made one for Evie, Skilar & Jax (our pets).  I'm so excited for them to come in the mail, I can't wait. 

I got a few others as well - a zebra, a horse, a giraffe.  They're all pretty fun.  These pictures are before they're glossed and finished, but I wanted to share anyway. 

Which finally brings me to my final conclusion.  I do believe this is something I can learn to do myself.  I already have the polymer clay from making beads, now I have a second purpose for it!  I already know how to bake the clay, etc.  I'll need to brush up on a few basics, but overall, I think I'll be able to do this myself, for myself, instead of spending the money elsewhere.  And who knows - maybe it'll turn into something I could eventually make money on myself!  (although I better not get ahead of myself.  lol)  So in the end, this is what I'm MOST excited and thrilled about (yeah, I know - one more thing to add to my list of hobbies & crafts).  But this makes the possibilities absolutely endless.  :)


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