Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paper Bag

Did you ever think it would look cute on a baby's head?  I don't know about anyone else, but it's usually not considered a good habit to put bags on baby's heads! :)

Really, though, this time there's an exception.  I just finished an adorable little hat called Pink Paper Bag.  This hat combines several different stitch patterns (stockinette, seed & garter stitch) as well as a few techniques (picot edging - crocheted & knit; I-cord, eyelet), really adding some character to the hat. 

The top is scrunched up so that it is like the top of a paper bag when closed.

It's closed with an I-cord strand tied into a bow. I went stash diving to complete this hat, so it's white & pink instead of dark pink, light pink & white. I like that way. :)

The top and bottom have a picot trim edge.  The bottom edge is knit while the top edge is crocheted.  I was running out of yarn and the crocheting took less yarn and less time.  :)
Top edge
Bottom edge
I made the hat for a friend's baby.  I'd like to make another paper bag hat soon.  There are so many people having babies!  But it's fun to make things for the little ones. 


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