Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy Busy

This is going to be quick. 

I've recently finished a couple hats.  My son's Snowman hat is done.  Yay!  I knit this for the December KAL on Ravelry, but it took me a little longer.  I was planning on doing this hat anyway - so it was good timing.  I opted not to try the carrot nose - since no orange yarn!  Instead he's got a button nose.  Quirky meets Frosty.  :)  I like him. 

Frosty in the snow
Like the button?

Second, I finished my stepdad's Christmas present - the Modern Rib Hat in Hawkeye colors.  I even had this completed for the game last weekend. :)  I need some better pictures so the pattern is better seen, but once again, this pattern has proven to be simple and soft.  I prefer the yarn I used for this hat and my brother's hat, over the yarn I used for my Dad's hat.  It's softer and not as stiff.  But, on the flip side, probably not as warm!

Hawkeye Colors
Large folded brim
My son modeling the hat :)
Big on my son - but adequately fits the intended adult!

I'm now working on a Modern Rib hat for my husband.  I've got it started, but I need more black - so I'm waiting for that to come.  In the meantime - I'm working on the Painted Turtle hat by Susan B. Anderson.  The hat is one base color, with colorful crocheted turtles adorning the hat.  So I learned to crochet.  Yay!
I'm doing a hat & project bag swap on Ravelry so I don't want to disclose too much information yet. But the turtles are completed, and now I'm working on the base of the hat.  About 1/3 of the way finished there.  I have also finally picked the toy I'm including in the project bag, found a couple cute stitch markers, and bought the yarn for the project.  Anywho - once I get these two projects done, I have 2 more hats and a couple quick gifts to knit up.  Then maybe my knitting will slow down a bit! haha!


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