Friday, April 13, 2012

Moody Kerchief

I admired this pattern for a very long time before casting on.  But there was always something more important, more pressing, in line ahead of it.  Finally, I have my own version in my closet and it makes me so happy!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m blogging far less frequently this year than last.  At the moment, I just don’t have enough hours in the day or free hands in the evening.  But what’s good about this is I still have the ability to knit, even if you’re not seeing everything I make!  This year may be a year of more selfish knitting.  I know I’ll continue to knit gifts, but already I’ve done so much more for my family and myself than in the past. 

Moody is knit with Cascade Pima Cotton in Teal & Sand.  My only mods were to knit the eyelet work in teal instead of sand.  I wanted that detail to stand out.  The garter sections that border the eyelet sections are amazing to me in the way they really make this design pop.  Again, I think that’s why I love where I decided to place the teal.  But isn’t it amazing what you can do with just garter stitches?

This shawl was complete awhile back.  End of January maybe?  The cotton was lovely to work with and makes this a heavier shawl, but I really enjoy and appreciate the drape.

Mom was kind enough to model for me, as I’m not great at taking pictures of myself wearing hand knits.  Any tips on how to make it easier?
My only wish is that this was a bit larger. But it is meant to be a kerchief and will be great for cool summer evenings. 
As for the pattern – easy.  A beginner would have no trouble with this one.  Well-written and easy to knit while watching tv or the kids.  I love Kristin Kapur’s designs and will be knitting more from her the in the future!


  1. Since I started modeling my FOs, I make my hubbie take them and he knows how important they are to me + happy wife = happy life ;O).
    I always try to go for natural poses and think of how would the FO be in use maybe.
    I love the thickness of that shawl. I can envision the warmth it gives.

    1. I think in general, Hubby's aim with the camera isn't as detailed as I'd like it to be. Focus isn't always right, which makes it easier to ask someone else to pose for me.

      I also try and get lots of angles of the details because as a knitter - that's the stuff I like to see when I'm making a project. :)

  2. Hello, May I have a question from you?
    may I ask your help in reading the pattern description?
    What does it mean by slip marker in Row 10 and 14 and 22 etc?

    What should I do then? Miss one stitch and leave the stitch on the handle without knitting?

    Thank you very much for your help or anyone help!