Monday, April 16, 2012

Dishcloth Mania

Recently I’ve completed several crocheted (and one knit) dishcloth.  Nothing super fancy – mostly functional. 

This first set was originally intended for someone else.  Over the course of a couple days I knocked out a set of four.  They now live in my kitchen drawer (in case you weren’t aware, you can never have enough knit or crocheted dishcloths…)
I didn’t use much of a pattern.  If you’re looking for one though, here’s a standard Granny Square dishcloth pattern.  Mine are a 4-chain ring into which I double-crocheted 4 times.  On each row, I chained one between side dcs (double crochets), and at the corners I chained two between the corner dcs.  This creates a cleaner corner, in my opinion.  I crocheted 7 rounds total.  (Please forgive my inadequate explanation of my crocheting – I’m a noob when it comes to crochet and only have the most basic understanding of how it all works!!)

The yarn is Pisgah Yarn and Dying Company, Incorporated, 100% Cotton in Pageantry.  This cone was on super-sale at Walmart (a place I so rarely frequent…) so I snatched it up quick.  I’ve got a lot of cotton left for many more dishcloths – crocheted or otherwise.

I also crocheted 2 dishcloths (using the same pattern as above) and knit one dishcloth using the Garter Stitch Dishcloth pattern.  This yarn is Lion Brand Lion Cotton Solid in Natural.  I loved using this cotton.  I don’t dislike Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream or the Pisgah Yarn, but this was so soft and supple compared to what I usually use.  Perhaps because it was undyed?  My hands are usually really sore by the time I’ve finished knitting, I can’t wait to put it down.  But I could knit with this all day.  The 3 dishcloths didn’t even use up a full skein of yarn, which is awesome.  I purchased 2 balls of it at JoAnns, and you can bet I’ll be using it for more cloths in the future!

These last 3 dishcloths were for Mr. Man’s cousin and her fiancé.  They are getting married this June and so I made them for the bridal shower.  Mr. Man’s grandma knit us some dishcloths back when we were married and they quickly became some of my favorite cloths to use.  


  1. How do you use your dishcloths?

    1. Do you mean what's my main use of dishcloths? I use them for wiping down counters and cleaning little hands. And when the dishwasher is full, I use them as washcloths for the dishes washed by hand.

      Do you use dishcloths in a different way?

  2. These are lovely Rae Lynne!! We use our dishcloths all the time too, so I agree, one can never have too many :)