Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Little Behind

Somehow I got behind.  I'm sure I had time during the day to post, but it just didn't happen.  Which leaves me with a lot of stuff to share from the Advent swap.  Instead of a post a day about what I sent and received, I'm going to share it all at once.  Today I'll share what I received and over the next couple days I'll share what I sent (which may take a few posts since I knit several things...).

I left you with Day 8 last time, so we start here with December 9.  Smarties and Kinder chocolate.  Not the Smarties like what you find in the US - oh no! :)  Much like M&Ms, but just a little different.  They're very yummy and I've only had them twice.  These didn't last too very long in our house!
December 10: A Wiggles Christmas CD which is great for traveling.  Squishy loves listening to music and although he doesn't know anything about the Wiggles, he'll still enjoy the songs.
December 11: Christmas buttons!  Stockings and teddy bears.  These remind me of the buttons on a dress I wore as a little girl.  I will smile every time I see them!!
December 12: A set of felt Christmas tree ornaments - a Santa, a star, a penguin and a reindeer.  Mandie told me she found these at a country market, made by an older woman.  They are beautifully handmade and fit my tree perfectly!
December 13: My day for notions!  Duck stitch markers, marking pins and a retractable tape measure.  These are terrific - I always love having more notions!
December 14: Two little bags made with Christmas fabric - fun and festive, one can never have too many!
December 15: 2 skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton in two shades of pink.  I've got some of this in my stash in a pretty blue - I think combining them all together will be very pretty.
December 16: A barrel of monkeys for Squishy!  'Nuff said!
December 17: A plush toy for each of the kids.  Squishy received a holiday puppy and Lovebug got an Eeyore toy. :)
December 18: Baby's First Christmas bib for Lovebug and a holiday elf hat for Squishy.
December 19: A della-Q "The Que-i" needle case.  I put my DyakCraft interchangeable needles in right away!
December 20: Christmas tree kitchen towels - these are pretty and practical.
December 21: An Aussie Christmas coloring book and book of sparkly Christmas stickers for Squishy. :)
December 22: The Santa Baby Ornament - one of the required swap knits.  Squishy immediately found the perfect place and hung it on our tree. :)
December 23: The cutest little reindeer snow globe.  Squishy played with this all day long.  Unfortunately, it got dropped and the globe broke.  The inside was not damaged, though, so we've save it and put it on a higher shelf where we can still admire it and remember where it came from. :)
December 24: Two pretty red stockings to decorate for the holiday season!
And the grande finale....December 25!  Mandie sent me two skeins of Knit Picks Imagination in Mermaid Lagoon along with the pattern Cedar Leaf Shawlette.  This is a lovely pattern and will be beautiful in this yarn!
Mandie - you made this swap so much fun!  You included something for everyone and Squishy loved helping me open the gift each day.

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