Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Days 5 & 6

I decided it was probably silly to have a separate post for each day, they're small enough I can combine them. On with the show!

Day 5 brought "something yummy" to the holiday cheer.  I love looking through the Christmas candies (Easter is fun too).  They always have such neat and different things that you can't get the rest of the year. I debated between a lot of things but finally settled on a hot chocolate cone, filled strawberry candies, a peppermint Christmas tree, a chocolate reindeer ornament, and some flavored hot chocolate packets.

Our day 5 brought us the Tiny Elf.  He's so cute!  He's still waiting for his smile...I've been meaning to do so but trying to stay caught up with some other stuff has me forgetting that it needs to be done.  I was planning on keeping him for myself and maybe situating him in the tree to guard the pretties and the presents, but Squishy has already found him in my knitting bag once and inquired as to whose it was.  I fear that even if this little guy WAS taking up residence in our tree, he wouldn't stay there for long!
On day 6, I sent a little gift for Nina's daughter.  A cute little cup that you can shake and watch sparkles & snowflakes fall (sort of like a snow globe).  She may not be ready for using the cup yet - I'm not sure if she's using open cups or still using a sippy cup, but this will remain fun for the future.  Otherwise, it's hers to play with!
My day 6 brought the pattern, Jingles by Debi Birkin.  I've been eying this pattern for awhile and I've even considered purchasing it in time for the holiday season.  I'm glad I held off for just a little while!  I can't wait to knit him - he's just so darn cute!


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