Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 7 & 8

This is going to be short and sweet...I am behind on posting for the swap and want to get it done before Little Man's bedtime and before Lovebug gets hungry again...  So here goes!

Dec. 7: Nina received a set of Christmas window clings.  She mentioned she has some glass at her place of work and so she was going to take them in to decorate a bit.  I'm really pleased that they'll be getting use!  They looked so fun!
I received a reindeer dishcloth on the 7th. :)  The yarn is the softest red yarn and the cloth is beautiful. (A knitted dish/washcloth was a swap requirement.)  These dishcloths I've received are so pretty it makes you not want to use them...but I love me some knitted dishcloth so they went straight into our kitchen linen drawer. :)
Dec. 8: Another requirement was "something with snowflakes."  I found a fun little metal pail with a snowflake cut-out.  I think it's fun to have little containers like this.  Nina mentioned that her daughter has just gotten some new markers and they were trying to decide how to store them and then she received this.  So perfect!
On Dec. 8 we received 2 new ornaments.  A reindeer and a polar bear.  They are soft and loveable and they talk and sing to you. :)  Squishy really enjoys playing the music (when you push their belly).  They're great because they're kid friendly - it doesn't matter one bit if he takes them off the tree and tosses them around a little bit (as he's prone to do...)
Thanks, Mandie!


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