Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Swap Goodies

I've really been slacking in sharing all the wonderful goodies I've received in swaps.  A couple weeks ago, I shared my Easter swap package from Mary Rose.  This week I thought it was time to finally share my swap package from the March Sewing Swap.

This swap was part of the Sewing Daily boards on Ravelry.  A small group of us decided to participate in a small sewing swap.  The requirements included a yard (or equivalent) of fabric, a handmade sewn item and any other notions or goodies we'd like to include.  We had a maximum $ limit set and we were off.

My package came from the wonderfully generous Elly! (IKnitCupcakes)  Elly does great work with a sewing machine and I was so thrilled to receive a package from her.

All the goodies came boxed up in this lovely storage box (I can always use more of these!).
Inside I found a chocolate peanut butter bunny, yummy sour bunny gummies (these are so fun!), and a duck cookie cutter.  Mr. Man especially has enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter bunny - it's his favorite candy (yep, I decided to share...). )   There were also a set of 4 mini notebooks to stash in my project bags when knitting and a fun plaster project to paint your own figurines.  I figure I'll have Squishy help me with that one. :)
For the sewing elements Elly sent a yard of John Deere tractor fabric for a quilt I will be making Squishy in the future.  It's perfect fabric and just the kind of thing I keep my eyes open for.  She also sent a 2" template set for quilt making that I look forward to putting to good use. :)  She also included a couple packages of fun buttons, one Easter related and the other different forms of transportation (which will be fun for Squishy!).

And finally, the handmade sewn elements - I got two!  The first is a quilted basket to store all sorts of little goodies.  Elly said this was her first time quilting and I think she did a great job!

The second item is a little box bag to add to my collection of project bags. :)  This is my favorite element of the entire swap and almost as soon as I saw it in the box, I had it filled and ready to put to good use.  This little bag is really neat.  It's a box bag, but instead of the handle being on the side, it's on the top.  And instead of one strap, it's two straps that connect.  Then, when you're knitting, you can pull apart the straps and lay them to the side while you access all your knitting goodies inside the bag. :)

This bag is perfect for those small projects.  I've been toting around a baby hat for a couple weeks, with notions and all and it fits great.  I can fit about 1 1/2 - 2 balls of yarn in the bag and not feel like it's too full.  Although I've never knit them before, it seems as though it'd be a great size for sock knitting.  Elly did a great job on designing this bag and I think we should all encourage her to sell them in her Etsy shop (she doesn't have one yet, but has talked about it and I think this would be a great item to sell).
So, Elly, thank you, thank you!  I love it all.  :)  I feel really spoiled. :)


  1. Man, you and Jill make swappin' look so much fun! Those are some terrific goodies you got there.
    I assume Mr. Man is hubbie and Squishy is your son?

  2. Yay! The sewing swap was fun and Elly was a great swap coordinator.

  3. Aww you are very welcome Rae Lynne :) It was a blast getting to know you. And the photos look great!