Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Breaking Moonlight

Each month What a Kool Way to Dye on Ravelry has a monthly DAL (Dye A-Long) with a theme.  So not only does everyone share their monthly dyed yarn, we all have the chance to share our results with a specific intent.  The last few months have had some cool results, like Characters, Fairy Light, and 2 Break or Not 2 Break.

I've been wanting to try breaking dye colors for awhile now (in case anyone wonders, to "break" the dye means to have the dye separate into the different colors that make up that specific dye color.  So things like black "break" into colors such as red, purple, green, etc.  Wilton's Delphinium Blue breaks into different blues, lavender/light violet, and so on. By adding vinegar (to set the color) to the dye bath, the colors will separate or "break."  Clear as mud yet?  It's all about pH balance and numbers and a bit of math.  I don't really feel like being specific with my results when attempting to break the color - I just wing it.  :)

So for the details.  White yarn, 3 dye colors, water, vinegar, canning jars and a microwave.  Pretty results! :)  The first attempt was semi-successful.  Using black, delphinium blue and cornflower I achieved some pretty blues.  My black on the other hand left something to be desired.  I'm pretty sure I didn't put enough dye in the jar, but even so, it wasn't meshing well.  The colors broke nicely, but I ended up with a somewhat muddy color.
So I decided to overdye the black.  I was hoping for one of two options 1) dark black with some breakage or 2) silvery black with breaking.  My 2nd attempt yielded better results.  Nice dark colors contrasted against a light silvery purple-blue of varying colors.  :)  It reminds me of Moonfire cast by druids in World of Warcraft.  It also reminds me of moonlight breaking through the darkness.  So I named it "Breaking Moonlight."  Enjoy the pictures!


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