Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to do next?

Although you may look at my to-do list on the side and think - "Wow, she has a lot to get done!" I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now.  All of my immediate gift-knitting is completed.  Usually I have something I'm knitting that has a deadline - and so any knitting for myself is sporadic.  But now I'm free to start (or complete) anything I'd like.  So many possibilities!  

(I do have this secret project I'm working on with some other Ravelry ladies.  I now have time to start (and finish) this - it shouldn't take me more than a couple days.  I'm not counting this as gift-knitting.)

One thing I need to start is the Haruni shawl for my mom.  Yes, I know I said I was done with gift-knitting.  But I don't consider this grouped into that category.  I've been wanting to knit this shawl for a long time, and after pouring through loads of shawl patterns on Ravelry with Mom, this is the one she picked.  I'm so excited to start this!!!  This pattern is absolutely lovely.  Part of Mom's birthday present was helping to pick out the yarn to knit the shawl with.  And Mom didn't disappoint!  She picked out some lovely Madelinetosh Prairie lace yarn in the Baltic colorway.  I just received this in the mail on Monday and it is lovely. :)  It's so soft, the colors so rich and saturated.  And since the pattern only calls for a little under 500 yards, I should have plenty left over to use on something else since the hank is 800 yards!  This will be one of the first projects that goes on the needles. 

I still need to finish X's Vertical Stripes hat.  This shouldn't be hard to finish.  The panels knit up pretty quickly.  I just haven't dedicated the time to it that's needed.  And I need to finish this soon so that it still fits him when it's finished! lol

There are a few toys I'd like to knit, but I need to decide which ones.  Knitting the Squishies was a bit of a break from my other knitting and they were so quick and fun.  I'd really like to get the Giraffe knit soon.  He's my favorite toy in the entire Itty Bitty Toys book. 

There are some really neat market bags (Montavilla Market Bag, Let's Go Shopping Market Bag, Grrlfriend Market Bag) I'd also like to take a closer look at and knit.  Since they're a bit lacey, they shouldn't take too long to complete.  I've got about 3-4 in my queue - I don't think it'd hurt to knit one of each (eventually). 

And then there is my poor Traveling Woman shawl who has been hiding in my larger knitting bag.  I must get back to this soon.  I'm at the lace portion and it's so different from things I've done in the past.  I'd also like to get started on my Reading Mitts.  I got the yarn and pattern for these mitts from Anna92 in a Read & Knit swap back in March.  They've been in my queue for a long time.  It's about time I do something about that! 

Oh yeah - I don't want to forget my French Press Slippers!  I got the yarn and coordinating buttons for these in my last swap package from Mary Rose. :) These would be great to have and wear around the house! you can see, I have a lot of choices to make!  I know Haruni and Vertical Stripes are a must.  But any suggestions on where to go from there?


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