Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Won A Giveaway!

A while back I entered a giveaway held by Melissa from Knitting A Baby.  And I won!  She designed, knit and held a giveaway for a set of Felted Teething Rings.  These are so great because not only can your little babe gnaw away at the rings, but once they've been slobbered on and goobered up, you can just toss them in the wash to clean them up since they're already felted!
X is still at that point that he likes to put things in his mouth.  He's becoming more conscious of what he's doing, though, because if he does so and it's something that tastes bad, he'll spit it out again (for example, rocks on the playground!).  He's also still teething.  Right now he's got a good set of 4 teeth all in front that have come in.  He's currently pushing about 6 more in different locations all around his gums - some in the back, some in the front, some on the side.  It makes for a very unhappy baby.  Especially when he's hidden his teething tablets!

So in more ways than one, these teething rings have come at a great time!  He's really enjoyed carrying the rings around and playing with them.  He also likes to put them on his wrists like a dangly bracelet.  I love watching kids explore and be creative with their toys!
So anyway - back to giveaway!  Last week I had a lovely package waiting on my doorstep from Melissa that contained not only the felted teething rings, but also several other goodies. 

My package included felted teething rings, several felted balls of varying sizes from Ornamentea, 4 fun iron-on appliques, some yummy flower candies, and a letter bead with an X.  What a fun little surprise! :) 
I love entering giveaways - even if I don't win anything.  It's a great way to check out other's blogs and read about their creative endeavors. :) 

Thanks again, Melissa for the terrific package and for hosting a great giveaway!


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