Monday, May 31, 2010

Cluck, Cluck!

Do you remember this little chick?  I got her in the mail as part of an Easter swap package. 
I'm pleased to announce that she now has a sister! :) 
I finally finished up the Dotted Chicken I've had in my queue for a long time now.  Melissa included all the yarn to make this little chick in the package, so I didn't have to do any work except for knit up the toy.
 I decided to use the dark blue for the ruffle, beak and tail bobbles.  The dark color is very striking against the cream colored body. 
This knit is very quick.  I started it on Friday and between a few tv shows, a car ride or two and this morning I had her all sewn up. 
 The tail, the dots and the details probably took me the longest.  After making 13 little dots to place on the chicken I found them a little tedious.  Last night I was close to done - all I had to do was finish the dots and sew them on.  I quickly ran out of steam, though, and put the project down for the night.  This morning I was able to finish up and sew them on.

The finished product is great.  She's short and plump, just like a chicken should be. Before her ruffle and beak were on her head was looking very tiny in contrast to her body.  But now she looks appropriate.

Here's a picture with her Canadian sister.  I think they'll enjoy their perch on the shelf together. Every now and then they may come down and play with X - he loves little animals. :)
As a side note, this is the first timeI've used any poly-pellets in my toys.  Melissa had these stitched up nicely in a little pouch so there's no choking hazard.  I plan to use pellets more often in the future.  They had a nice weight to the toy.  While not necessary in everything, the option is there.


  1. I use poly-pellets. I'm not sure if your poly-pellets are the same as what I use. In Australia, these are the white little beans often used to fill up bean bags.

    I find them to be big enough not to come out of the toys anyway, so I don't use any pouch inside.

  2. Your chicks are adorable! I always admire these little chickens and some day I should make one!

  3. Super cute!! I really like the color of the dots. Good to know on the pellets, Iv'e never used them before.