Sunday, February 7, 2010

Binky, Binka, Paci

Helpful at times? yes.  Annoying at times? Definately.  Even more so when they're dropped on the floor every 5 seconds!  And if you happen to be somewhere you're concerned about germs and putting it back in your babe's mouth, you could wind up with a very unhappy boy or girl deprived on their comfort! 

Of course, there is a solution!  I don't know how many parents use them, but pacifier clips are wonderful!  For obvious reasons - now whether or not the binky is in Johnny's mouth, it's NOT on the floor!  Most brands of pacifiers have a cooresponding clip for this purpose.  But aside from somewhat colorful straps and clips, they're rather boring. 

That's why I think these clips are just so cute!  A handmade item paired with cute! :)  This is my second Elephant Pacifier clip.  Such a quick project.  I'd make one for X, but the binka is making it's way out, so the need isn't so great at this point.  But I know so many people with babies right now!  So it's hard not to want to make them.


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