Monday, October 31, 2011

This is MY Box

I feel a bit like Squishy saying that.  He's very much in a MINE stage.  Everything is mine, mine, mine.  We're working on the concept of sharing.

But...I don't feel bad claiming this as MY box of goodies.  You saw the box I sent to Canada filled with knits and sweets and other treats.  This is what came in the mail for me!

My good friend, Lyndsey, had my name for this swap!  We both think this was pretty cool since we know each other outside of the Ravelry world.  Although I'm sure Lyndsey felt a bit of pressure to make the box "worth it," I don't think there really was anything to worry about because she did a fantastic job.

*Just a side note - even though I'm claiming this as MY box, I have shared items within with the boys.  I'll get to that in a bit.*

Starting with the main element of the swap, here is Elefante.  Squishy immediately claimed this as his own and loves that he has two to play with.  They get swung by the tails and frequently crash in to one another.  Boys.  I believe this elephant is knit with Cascade 220 so he'll be very durable and withstand Squishy's rough play.  (See, I share!)
Next, there was a horse dishcloth.  This is fantastic because I love horses and Lyndsey knows it.  Actually, anyone who walked into our home would know it because they're everywhere.  I'm glad Mr. Man doesn't mind seeing them every direction he turns...
And to top off the knits, there was a gorgeous purple and pink sweater (Lyndsey used the Coffee Beans Cardigan pattern and added an elephant motif to the bottom - awesome!) and matching cabled hat in the coziest, softest yarn ever!  I had guessed it was made with Knit Picks Comfy Worsted and I was right!  I've knit with their yarn enough to know it immediately upon squishing. :)  This cardigan and hat are the perfect size and will likely be one of the very first sweaters Lovebug wears.  (Did I forget to mention that part?  These are for Lovebug...)  I really appreciate Lyndsey taking the time to do some additional knitting to include something for our little girl.  Didn't she do a wonderful job?
I would have been happy if the package stopped there.  I mean, that's enough, right?  But of course, there was plenty more to discover.  On top of the knit goodies, there were also goodies for my own knitting pleasure.  There were four, yes FOUR skeins of yarn.  Three skeins of HPY Merino Worsted, 2 in red and 1 in a blue-green.  As well as a skein of Spud & Chloe Fine in what I believe is the Wildberries colorway.  I've been wanting to try Fine for awhile, now I have that chance!  I also got the pattern, Meg Pinafore.  This will be a sweet knit for Lovebug.
Lyndsey also sent me stitch markers - a sushi stitch marker, and a set of tiny dice stitch markers.  I love them all.  The dice are so tiny and light, they will be great for lace or socks (if I ever get around to knitting myself some...).
Squishy and Lovebug also got 2 children's books and Squishy has a new elephant bath toy and jungle bath book.  This was the first thing he saw when I opened the box and he had it out and opened before I could even see what it was.  I'm glad he enjoys these surprises as much as I do.  Lovebug will also be sporting a cute pink and gray elephant sleeper after she arrives.
There were some sewing goodies for me, including elephant buttons and jungle fabric.  There's also a really cute, green, reusable owl tote.  I think this may become Squishy's new library bag because it's sturdy, bright and colorful.

There was a stash of candy and hot cocoa which I am sharing with Mr. Man - including gummies, dark chocolate and Twizzlers.  Yum!
A wall hook for our home, flower seeds for the spring, Scrabble magnets spelling out our last time, a beautiful framed piece of dictionary art and Peanuts (as in Charlie Brown) notecards top off the remainder of the package.
Thank you, Lyndsey!  You did a spectacular job and I'm enjoying it all.  I can't wait to knit with my new yarn, and especially to see the little lady in her new sweater and hat!


  1. I'll type it again, you Itty Bitty swappers are so hardcore. You gals go over and beyond what's expected and send such delightful and awesome packages to one another.

  2. What a wonderful package! You must be over the moon when you opened it! I love the elephant motif on the sweater the best!

  3. Awesome package!! Lyndsey did a great job!! The elephant cardigan and hat are so cute :) I'm knitting a project with some Comfy right now and I agree, it's so soft and squishy!