Monday, October 17, 2011

On to the Next Thing

I know I haven't blogged as frequently as I used to, but I want to make sure there's actually something to talk about when I do post.  Which then ends up being sort of a parade of Finished Objects, which I hope you don't mind seeing.  If there's ever anything you're interested in hearing about, feel free to ask.

Today is mostly a recap.  I've been knitting as much as possible, when time allows.  I had a really crazy week at work which left me without much desire to do anything in the evenings.  But I've found that if I just pick up the needles and start working, I'm always glad I did so.

Last week I accomplished a lot.  I got my swap package out to my swap partner (I'll share more on that as soon as she receives her box of goodies), I finished the original Elefante, bound off the Baby Chalice Blanket, knit a pair of Baby Mitts for Lovebug, and finished a small knit for the Advent/Christmas swap.  I got things done.  There was a little sewing in there that relates to my swap package that I'm anxious to share with you as well.

I ordered a set of blocking wires yesterday.  Now that the blanket is finished, it has to be done and although I've blocked a blanket without wires and t-pins before, I don't care to do it again.  And the lace pattern is just too pretty not to do it right.  My hope is the wires will arrive in a couple days and I can have the blanket blocked and photographed by the end of the weekend.  Then I'll share more with you.

Original Elefante went to Squishy and he's not let her go yet, so I haven't had time to take her out in the daylight for pictures.  But I will - promise!

Today I thought I'd share a few pictures of the completed Baby Mitts.  I had a small amount of yarn leftover from the Chalice Blanket.  Not enough for a hat, but certainly enough for a pair of mittens.  Using Susan B. Anderson's Baby Mitts pattern from Spud Says, I cast on and finished in just a couple hours.  They are tiny and wonderful.
The yarn is a DK weight and the pattern calls for worsted.  I tried casting on 20 sts as the pattern gives you, but that was just too tiny.  I figured it would be but had to try.  The pattern recommends adding stitches in multiples of four to make the mitts bigger.  So using those instructions and the notes of other knitters, I eventually landed on 24 stitches.  I also knit straight for rows 7-20 as opposed to 7-17.

The mitts should last a little while.  They'll be perfect for the colder weather while she's a little bug, but also be helpful so she doesn't scratch herself at all.  The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Flashdance. It's a machine washable yarn which is perfect for a baby.

I did go back and add a crochet chain to link the mittens together so I wouldn't lose just one mitten.  This way, I'll just lose them both...  haha!  I haven't decided yet if I like the idea of the cord.  I'll be threading the mittens through the back of her sleepers and onesies and things, but if I'm too nervous about the cord or it's not working like I want, I'll cut the cord off.  But as it stands, I used every last bit of yarn I had which makes me extremely happy!

So I have much more to share with you and over the next week or two you'll see some pictures of recent FOs.  (And in a little less than a month you'll see the best FO ever!  Okay - perhaps that's just my opinion, but I can't wait for Lovebug to arrive and am really looking forward to her arrival!)

Have a great week!


  1. I love seeing FOs! So make sure you post about them!

  2. So fun to hear what's on your plate. Love that purple! Those mitts are just darling.

  3. I'm with Lucy, I like seeing FO's too :) These are beautiful, and I'm super excited to see your finished blanket!! Although I too am more excited to see your sweet little girl!!