Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday 9/14

Anyone else notice how quiet the blog has been lately?  I don’t really have  any excuses for you why that is.  I guess when I remember to post, I don’t have much to tell you about.  And when I do have things to share, I don’t have time to post. 

I’ve found myself a lot more relaxed about the knitting lately.  When I sit down in the evenings, if the needles aren’t clicking, I feel a bit as though the time is wasted.  But I can’t find the motivation or desire to pick up a project.  I’m blaming it on the pregnancy.  I had a real “gung-ho” attitude a few months ago and I was busting out projects left and right.  Now I’m back to not knowing what to do with my free time. 

So projects languish…  But I think I’m okay with it.  I have several projects I’d like to make but I don’t have the yarn for any of them.  I’m trying really hard to use stash yarn before purchasing more.  It’s fun to have lovely, shiny new yarn, but it’s not necessary. 

So what HAVE I been working on?  A few things.  I signed up for the next Itty Bitty Swap, E is for Elephant.  I’ve started the required knit item for this and I’m not quite half way through.  I’m not sure if I’ll have enough yarn, though, so I may have to rip back and find a 3rd color to coordinate.  We’ll see.  I knit quite a bit of that this weekend.  I did realize I started knitting slower the more yarn I used because I was afraid I’d run – obviously knitting slower doesn’t affect the yardage used, but my mind sure thought it did!  I like how it’s coming together, but I’m near the point of needing fiberfill and polypellets so this is on hold for the moment.

The Baby Chalice Blanket is slowly and surely getting bigger.  I went over my progress with Mom the other day and we both think I should have enough yarn to make the dimensions look right.  When this is finished it will get a VERY healthy blocking and should grow considerably.  I’m so excited to see it done!

I have finished the first skein and ALMOST the entire 2nd skein of yarn.  I’m alternating between skeins 2 & 3 at the moment, and I can’t wait until the 2nd skein is gone.  I feel like my progress is much slower alternating yarns.  I do pump out about 4-6 rows a night, at least.  The only thing I DON’T have for this project are the blocking wires.  I can use pins and block it on a grid, but that’s not as…finished…as I’d like it to be. (I don’t mean it won’t be complete, it just won’t have quite the same look.)  I’ve heard about a few Etsy sellers who have blocking wire sets for about $20, so maybe I’ll be able to purchase some before the blanket is finished.   Either way, this blanket WILL be complete before Lovebug arrives.

I’m thinking about knitting myself some earbud covers (a casing for your earbud cords).  I’ve found two patterns, Untangled and Boogie Earbuds, that both seem simple enough.  Not because my earbuds are always tangling, but because they look fun and it seems like a good way to use up my sock yarn remnants.  The only thing is I can’t decide if I REALLY want knitted covers. 

In other news, I’m 31(almost 32) weeks along now and starting to get uncomfortable.  Sleep is hard to come by at night, which means frequent naps on the couch.  Baby moves a lot and seems to sometimes do so in response to Mr. Man and Squishy talking, which is fun.  Squishy wants Baby to come NOW because she’s getting big.  And when he gets dressed in the morning, he wants baby to get dressed too.  He’s felt Lovebug move a few times, to which he explains to me that “Baby wake up.”  It’s all very cute and I think he’ll be a fantastic big brother.

Maybe in the next week or two I’ll have more progress to report, until then have a fantastic week!


  1. November babies are good ones (go ahead, ask me how I know).

    I swore up and down that I was going to have Little Man's blanket finished by the time he came out. Well, it's now almost a year since he's been out and the blanket still isn't finished. It's the next project on the list of things to finish. I hope to have it done by his first birthday, Christmas at the latest...

  2. @Renee Anne
    That's what I'm worried about! I want to keep it at the front of my mind so I'm SURE to finish it!! And the yarn is so pretty... :)

  3. You're doing great. Have no worries. Your baby can use your blanket for the longest time. Great background for your blog.