Monday, September 19, 2011

After the Weekend

It’s Monday.   It feels like a Monday.  These are always long days for us because Mr. Man works nights on Mondays and Squishy doesn’t really get to see him until Tuesday afternoons (he’s in bed by the time Daddy gets home). 

After a very dreary weekend full of cold and rain, today has been a little warmer and sunnier.  Allergies have attacked and taken over my body, I’m hoping they calm down soon.

I got just a little done by way of knitting this weekend. A few more rows on the baby blanket and the elephant saw no love.  Instead of working on knitting or sewing projects this weekend I slept (on Saturday) and Sunday was spent helping some family move.  I sort of feel like I need a vacation from my weekend! (It wasn’t bad, just tiring.)

All week at work last week was go-go-go.  The further into the week we got, the busier my days became.  Friday flew by because I had another doctor’s appointment.  It’s amazing how fast 2 weeks can go.  Friday marked 32 weeks in this pregnancy.  Little Lovebug is NOT shy about moving around and making Mamma uncomfortable.   But the doctor’s appointment was good and  for the most part unremarkable.  I’m having some muscle pain so the doctor gave me some stretches to try, as well as recommending to apply heat or cold packs (whichever is most comfortable) and Tylenol if needed.  If that doesn’t help, she’ll refer me to physical therapy. 

I like the quick appointments when I can go in, take care of business and be done.  The doctors are good at listening to my concerns and questions and taking the time to answer them.  But I really prefer them to be boring and easy.  It means everything is going well and I just have to keep on for another few weeks.

We’re halfway through September, but I find myself feeling like we’re already in October.  My brain has a way of thinking forward to the next week instead of remembering to take care of things the current week.  I’m always a week ahead of myself!  Very soon I think we’ll be making a trip to Kmart or Target to find Squishy a Halloween costume.  Nothing fancy, but I think he’s old enough to enjoy a walk down our neighborhood block and a stop in at Grandma’s house.  :) 

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  1. Baby yourself when you can. You're preggers. That says it all.