Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday 7/6

I've hit a lull in my knitting, which probably makes sense if you've been reading the blog for the last week or so. I wouldn't say I burned myself out, but for a good while, I was planning what I wanted to knit, one right after another. Once I finished the last baby cardigan, I realized I didn't have anything specific lined up to knit next.

I thought I would find this a bit liberating, but what I'm coming to learn is that I fumble a bit when this happens. Every time I get the chance to knit whatever I want, with no specific project in mind, it takes me forever to pick something and knit it. And it feels as though it's because there's no drive or motivation behind any one pattern.

I've been wanting to knit Some Assembly Required for Squishy. I thought he would enjoy all the interchangeable pieces. Actually, I know he'll enjoy it. But I've procrastinated for almost a week from casting on because of the provisional cast on. I've done it before, but it was done poorly. And although I've watched a couple videos, I don't feel as though I have mastered the technique yet.

So instead, using the yarn I purchased for the toy, I started a blanket. I've knit 1.75 squares from the Dream Catcher Baby Blanket pattern on Spud Says by Susan B. Anderson. I have 3 colors - navy, gray and yellow in I Love This Yarn. It's a cheap, acrylic yarn, but it's pretty soft and not too squeaky. I don't mind working with it. I thought it would be a nice, cheap, durable yarn for a toy that's likely to get a lot of use and love. Normally I would splurge on a higher quality fiber, but with a tight budget and the need to be knitting something, Hobby Lobby is the place to go at the moment. (I would have knit from stash but I didn't have anything that really suited my needs.)
I like the blanket squares because they're mindless and give me something to do while I gather the courage to cast on for this giant Lego Man. Some time down the road I'll pick up 2 more colors to round out the blanket. Also, I feel the need to mention that I knew I would have well beyond enough of this yarn after the toy was finished, and felt obligated to find another project to use this yarn on. I thought about a crocheted blanket, but I wasn't quite ready to dive back into really thinking about crochet and Susan's pattern is so simple and lovely I couldn't pass it up.
So that's what's on the needles this week. Probably a pair of baby socks as well, seeing as how they're so quick. :) I've also got a couple gifts I need to get started so I can send them on their way.

What's on your needles or hook this week?

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  1. Sometimes knitting something short and sweet can be motivating, yeah?
    You can do that Lego Man! Provisional Cast On isn't bad at all. Don't use the method I used b/c it took a long time.