Thursday, July 7, 2011

Aren't They Sweet?

My friend, Ber, in Ireland sent us a wonderful surprise last week. I checked the mail on Friday to find a package with a few goodies for the kids.

Squishy was thrilled to receive a new book, of tractors no less! He has really enjoyed looking through all the photos, picking out items and naming colors. Ber, you hit the nail on the head with this one. :) Monday, when were in the kitchen getting our cooler ready for fireworks, he spent his time with us flipping through the pages.
And for Lovebug, Ber sent a super soft, pretty little pink set. Tiny Shoes with iridescent white buttons are a wonderful touch. And a Swirl Hat (I've made one as well - it's a great pattern) that looks so tiny it's hard to believe a person could ever be so small!
Ber, we really appreciate the time you took to make these for our little girl and send them our way, as well as to think of sending something for Squishy! Mr. Man was surprised to see such a gift in the mail, "just because." It goes to show how wonderful, kind and generous other knitters can be! :)


  1. You're so very welcome Rae Lynne. I'm glad you liked them. When I saw the book, I just new your little man would love it. Ber

  2. What a fun book for your son to read. A cute knit set for baby girl!