Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday 5/25

I’m starting to feel a bit more accomplished in all my crafty endeavors lately.  My swap package is mailed and received, all mandatory knitting is complete, I’ve received my swap package…I feel like I’m starting with an almost clean slate. 

I do have a couple Etsy orders still lingering.  I’m currently working on one, and the other customer hasn’t sent me her fabric yet – so that one’s on hold. 

It feels really good to sit and knit what I want instead of being tied down to something else.  I’m not counting the knits for this weekend as mandatory because they don’t have to be gifted.  If I don’t get them done, I’ll keep trucking along on them and keep them for myself.  J 

I’m sure you remember me talking last week about my friend’s sister who has a graduation party on Friday.  I had planned to knit her something.  Then, I changed course.  I have never knit anything for my friend. I’ve knit her youngest daughter a hat and flower pacifier clip, but that was well over a year ago now.  I felt sorta funny gifting something to my friend’s sister when I had never made anything for her.  (Is this silly reasoning?  I don’t think she would mind or even think about it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.)  You heard me go back and forth a bit on whether to knit a simple shawlette or some fingerless mitts.  This sort of solved that problem.

For my friend, I’m knitting the Simple Things Shawlette.  Her birthday was in late April, so it will be a belated birthday gift.  I know she’s not expecting it.  I don’t know if she wears scarves and shawlette type things, but this gives her an option. 

I’m REALLY enjoying this knit.  I spend all my free time working on it and because it’s stockinette, I can watch Squishy and work on it at the same time.  Lately, a lot of what I’ve worked on has required too much attention to have out while the little man is up.   I was going to take a picture for you this morning, but it’s pouring outside today (or it was this morning), so you’ll just have to make do without today. 

I’m positive this will be an FO tonight (sans blocking) because I can’t stop working on it. 

For my friend’s sister, I’ll be making fingerless mitts, but I haven’t yet settled on a pattern.  None have felt right to me.  So stay tuned for my decision! 

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