Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday 5/18

I’ve been busy the last few days and over the weekend.  I wrapped up my swap package, I gifted the cloche to my friend, I finished a needle case, and the shower goodies are almost complete!  Productivity is up!

So where does that leave me?  I have a few more gifts I need to complete.  One must be finished by May 27.  My best friend’s sister is graduating and I decided a hand-knit gift was the way to go.  I’m still browsing patterns for the perfect item.  I’m thinking fingerless mitts and a hat.  But I’m not settled yet.  Perhaps a very simple triangular scarf or simple shawl.  My friend also had a birthday in April, and something simple would be nice to gift her.

The other knit needs to be done by the end of the summer at the very latest, but I’d like to be ahead of the game on that one.  I don’t have any details for you on that knit because I haven’t decided what it’s going to be yet.  I’ve seen a lot of patterns I like and thought I had it figured out, but decided it wasn’t quite right.  So I’m on the hunt again.

These items will be quick(ish), I believe.  I think after that will be selfish knitting.  Cast on for whatever I want, whenever I want with no deadline is extremely appealing.  My UFO pile has diminished since the new year started and as long as all UFOs that came with me into the new year are gone before the next rolls around, I’ll consider that a success.  So I’m not too concerned with that at the moment.  What’s funny is that I talk as though others put these obligations on me, but I do it all to myself.  I love knitting for others, but need to remember to take time for myself and my family now and then. 

I’m really feeling like a triangular scarf/shawl is what I need to do (perhaps not if I make one as a graduation gift).  But I don’t feel right casting on for a new one when the Traveling Woman is is still on the needles!  I love the yarn and the pattern.  So this may be next on the list.  As well as a new toy for Squishy.  Not sure which one yet.  Perhaps I’ll design one… :)

So this wasn’t very WIPish – more like Up & Coming.  That’s okay.  Maybe I’ll trade off now and again so you can see what else sloshes around in my head! :) 

What are you itching to cast on next? Any obligatory projects that must be finished first?


  1. Such a ginormous, generous heart you have. I love knitting gifts, but I war w/knitting more for myself and the girls. I think I'll need to cut the gifting down more.

  2. @Kepanie
    :) Thanks for the sweet words. I really think over the summer I will concentrate on making things for myself, Xander & baby, perhaps with something for Mr. Man thrown in if he's like it. :)

    You are very generous yourself! And you do such beautiful work!