Monday, May 16, 2011

The End of Another Weekend

I was certainly sad last night when I realized that the following day was Monday.  Although busy, we had an enjoyable weekend.  We saw a lot of family this weekend and even got some time outside.  The weather couldn’t make up its mind, so we saw both rain and sunshine, but we had a beautiful, sunny day yesterday to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. :) 

Squishy enjoyed seeing cousins and playing with fellow little ones, not to mention having free reign (mostly) to play outside on the farm.  He loves it outside.  By the time we got home, we had one very exhausted little boy on our hands!

And do you see these curls?  EVERYONE comments on the curls...
I didn’t get much crafting done.  Since I drove to the farm and back on Sunday, there was no “car knitting” time.  I finished up the cloche on Friday and worked on the frog clip on Saturday.  My goal is to have a completed frog clip by Wednesday.  This project has lingered too long!  I thought it would be done mid-April and here it is the 3rd week in May!!  Once it’s finished I can get everything shipped off to Sis.

On a side note, I visited a somewhat local yarn shop this weekend, Crazy Girl Yarn Shop.  I had gift certificates from my dad and since we would be driving right by it, I found it necessary to stop.  Once inside, I found a beautiful shop, stocked with lovely, colorful yarns such as Lorna’s Laces, Debbie Bliss, Malabrigo, Ella Rae, Noro, Manos, Cascade and many, many more.  This was a treat for me since my LYS leaves a bit to be desired!  This will become my shop of choice in the future, especially when they carry so many of the brands I enjoy knitting with.  While I was there I just happened to pick up some yarn, as well as some goodies for my swap partner in the Cupcake Swap on Ravelry.  Tonight I will be finishing up last-minute swap details and hopefully sending the package on it’s way very soon. :) 

Hopefully, with small goals and a lot of time on my hands this week, I can make some progress!!

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  1. What a heavenly weekend you had - ohana, food, and yarn shoppin'!