Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too fast?

I'm wondering if I didn't jump in too fast with some of the projects I'd like to attempt in my knitting adventures.  My first project, Pengu, turned out pretty well, I think.  Not the same as the original, but I'm okay with that.  My son likes him which is the most important thing since I made the toy for X!

My next attempt was going to be another toy, except that all of the projects I had picked out used double-pointed needles.  I have never used dpns before, and frankly, I'm a little scared of them.  I've heard they're hard to get used to, but once you do, they work really well.  There are other options besides using dpns, but I've never tried them either.  One method is magic looping.  Now, I've taken a look at a couple videos, and I -think- this is something I could handle.  Now my problem is, I have no circular needles!  I've been planning on purchasing a set of needles so that I don't have to wait to start a project or run to the store for lack of the right tools.  The set I'm looking at is an options pack where I can use circular needles as intended or as straight needles.  Now I just have to order them.

So my next problem becomes the needles size required for some of these projects.  None of the needles in the set I'm going to order are quite small enough to use for magic looping.  Boo.  So I'm a bit frustrated.  I changed the project several times to find one that would work, and I keep coming up against obstacles.

So, I finally landed on "Grumpy Old Bear," from Susan B. Anderson's Itty Bitty Nursery, to knit next.  I've cast on some very pretty worsted weight blue yarn from Dark Horse Yarns, which I think will give him a cozy, soft look.  This project should be simple because it's just using garter stitches, which I think I've mastered pretty well.    And although I'm content with this project, I'm disappointed because there are other things I'd rather do first.  In time, I spose I will get the hang of it. 

Different people have suggested practicing using dpns with practice yarn and no particular project, but I don't want to spend my time practicing when I could actually be making something to gift or keep and enjoy.  :\ BUT, with that said, I am enjoying knitting this bear.  I plan on giving it to my mom as a Christmas present.  She collects bears and I think she'd enjoy having a handknit one to add to her shelves.  I also would like to knit her a braided scarf to accompany it - using the bear as part of the ribbon/decorations on the outside of the gift. :)

I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished project.  I look forward to seeing him completed.  And until then, I'll keep hunting for the right needles and the right project to test my skills at while working in the round.


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