Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My KnitFit

So I've done it.  I closed my eyes and jumped in, head first!  Done what, you may ask?  Knit.  Such a small word - only 4 letters.  But it encompasses so MANY things out there.  When I first think of knitting, I picture an old woman in her rocking chair, with a ball of yarn at her feet, perhaps with a kitten entwined in the strings.  In reality, that's not what I think about knitting.  I know lots of people who knit, young and old.  My grandmother knit.  She loved knitting us all scarves to wrap ourselves up with and keep warm in the winter.  I think it was a small pleasure in life for her that she had a scarf to match every coat she owned. :)

An very good friend of mine knits - at least she's known how since before I knew her.  And she's probably much better at it than I am! Haha  I know women who have knitting groups, who knit and gossip while drinking wine.  Maybe some nights there's more wine consumed than yarn knit, but that doesn't matter.

It can mean socks, shawls and sweater.  Afghans or throws or hats.  And toys...yes, definately toys!  I don't plan on going too crazy to start with.  Now that I'm soaked, I'll think I'll climb out of the pool and dip my toes in the edge.  Trying a few simple projects while I work my way up. 

I've always had some interest in learning, but figured I should concentrate my talents on only a few things at a time and not go around with all these half-finished projects.  Well, the window of opportunity finally arrived.  Sometime between March and May, my sewing machine broke.  The pedal doesn't work.  So...needless to say, sewing came to a standstill.  I had to mooch off my mom and use her machine so I could make my sister's quilt for her birthday.  And until I have a replacement, not much sewing will be done.  Yes, I can still borrow Mom's, but I'd rather be able to pick up my craft whenever I want, and not have to leave the house or inconvenience Mom by taking her machine.

So I asked a few people and went to the bookstore to pick out my "How To's."  Let me tell you - it's hard to choose between all the books when you have no idea what you're looking for.  I had been online and viewed several books, most of which raved of being great for beginners.  So I perused those at the bookstore and picked a few out.  And that's when it happened.  I found a book on hand-knit toys.  I had no idea what a garter or purl stitch was at this point.  I didn't know the difference between continental or English style.  I had no clue (and I'm still figuring out) about gauge and yarn weight and needles.  All I knew was that I liked this book and was determined to make something within it! 

Tomorrow will be one week since I've picked up my needles and yarn.  I'm hooked.  I've got a few projects picked out and started.  I'll post pictures of my progress as I go along.  I know I'll make mistakes.  And I know there will be some things that will take me forever to figure out - but that's half the fun.  To learn something new and expand your imagination. :)

So wish me luck.  I know I'll need it! 

p.s. By the way - the book I'm so excited about is Itty Bitty Toys  by Susan B. Anderson.  She's amazing - her patterns are wonderful and uncomplicated.  Talk about inspiration!

I also went home with Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting and Teach Yourself Visual Knitting.  Between these 2 books I picked up the basics - I'd recommend them both.


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