Friday, November 13, 2009

Pengu, the Penguin

Meet Pengu.  So named by my husband.  No, he's not black and white with cute little orange feet, but I like him this way.  The yarns used were sooo soft.  Especially the yarn used for his "coat" and feet.  I can't remember what yarn I used, other than it was 100% cotton.  I'll have to look it up and post it later. 

I had a few issues in constructing Pengu, but I think he turned out great anyway.  This is the Penguin pattern from Susan B. Anderson's book Itty Bitty Toys.  I made a few small changes other than color.  Instead of straight stitches for the eyes, I did a satin stitch so the eyes were round.  Since the coat was striped, a straight stitch was hardly noticeable so I either had to go with bigger eyes or no eyes at all. 

Second, I think (from comparing mine to the picture in the book), Pengu's beak is smaller and sharper.  I did this to make sure none of the fiberfill was seen under the head. 

My son has already enjoyed playing with Pengu.  The feet have gone in his mouth on several occassions.  And because the tail and wings/flippers are stitched down, there are many places for his little hands to grab on to (he's only 8 months old).  Which makes this a great toy for younger kids and babies whose motor skills are still developing.

Pengu was an easy knit, I thought.  I think I was more....frustrated isn't the right word...flustered with attaching parts than the actual knitting.  Simple garter stitches were all that was needed. :)  Yay for my first finished project! :)

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