Thursday, May 24, 2012

H is for Hedgehog or Hippo

It had been a little while since I participated in a swap, and the Itty Bitty Group was starting a new swap, "H is for Hedgehog or Hippo" and it was calling my name.  I tried to resist, but I failed.

The requirements for this swap were simple.  You had to knit either a Hippo or a Hedgehog for the swap, and then include any other regular goodies that have been known to appear in swap packages.  I crossed my fingers and hoped my swappee would like Hedgehogs because I was dying to knit the Hedgehog/Squirrel reversible toy by Susan B. Anderson.   (I lucked out and as it turns out, my partner was more than happy to receive such a toy...but that is a post for another day.)

Here is what I got in my package from pammigliore...

The cutest Hippo toy ever!  He's squishy and lovely and makes me smile (and the kids love him so...)

and his red ears are fantastic!!
Handmade Hedgehog stitch markers (by Knit Cubby on Etsy) 
Hanging row counter
Heart-shaped tape measure
Helper tool for my project bag
Handsewn/Handknit project bag (Icord drawstring)

bare Highland wool to Hand dye (with 5 packets of KoolAid)

3 Hanks of Spud & Chloe Fine in Dragonfly, Calypso and Anemone that I HAD to HAVE :)
Handpainted Merino - Claudia Handpaints in Last Night's Wine

Horse buttons
Handknit Horse washcloth (beautiful color in a Heathered yarn)

Honey Stix from Colorado
Hankies (tissues with an "R")
Highlighters for project bags and work
Hand sanitizer (what every mom needs)
Hippo watering can for my garden or the kids

Happy Hippo & Hug Time Hardcover board books for the kids (we read these every night at bedtime...I can't leave the room without reading these books...)
Hello kitty PEZ - while Squishy may not understand it, he enjoyed the candy and the actual PEZ machine

Humbles baked Hummus chips
Hot cocoa mix (dairy free from local spice ship!)
Hard candies (I love these strawberry candies! My grandma always kept them in her kitchen when I was younger and I'd always pick them out of the bowl and not eat the other kinds!)

 Hand-me-down outfit from Pam's daughter for Lovebug

I loved everything I pulled out of my swap box and Pam did a great job scoping the forums and stalking me to make her first swap experience terrific! :)  Thank you, Pam!!


  1. That is quite the swap package! I wish I had time to participate in swaps again but with moving from WI to CA, I think I have more important things...

  2. I love the little hippo in grey and white and how his ears are in another color!
    Those st markers are so awesome!